10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas You Need to Try in 2019

10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas You Need to Try in 2019

In marketing, you can easily find yourself missing the forest for the trees. Marketers spend a lot of their time looking at the click-through rates, likes, and impressions among the other metrics. The challenge is that this can obscure the ultimate goal of the campaign. In case you deal with a service-based business, your goal should be to generate new sales leads. This article will give you some of the lead generation ideas that will guide you through this journey.

All the ad impressions and website traffic will remain irrelevant unless they deliver new leads for your brand. People who market for service-based enterprises are always searching for creative lead generation ideas.  Some of them include;

1. Gated Content

The term gated content refers to premium content such as e-books, software tools, or whitepapers that users who provide contact details like emails and names get them free of charge. In a real sense, the user will willingly become a sales lead in exchanging the value for the gated content. Therefore, you set a high bar for quality. However, the quality of leads that you get in exchange will make your effort worth it.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

People who are in both B2C and B2B share some ideas regarding the type of websites that their target audience visit. If these people accept guest posts, don’t hesitate to write a few. Guest blogging is one of the best lead generation ideas. It will help you attract referral traffic to your website and present yourself as an authority in the industry. Even though Google condemns guest blogging whole primary objective is link building, the practice comes with several SEO benefits. Just make sure that you are doing the right thing and you will stand to benefit.

3. Native Content

If guest blogging is not an option for you, then native content will work magic. The other name for native content is sponsored content and is among the top lead generation ideas. The principles are similar but you pay more and don’t get direct SEO benefits as such.

The primary benefit of native content over guest blogging is that it tolerates promotional content. It can help you to generate several leads in the short-run. Your ads are front and center in native advertising. They capture the attention of the reader by popping up in places where they are already visiting.  You won’t find these ads in a place where your audience has grown accustomed to ignoring.

4. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

The future of the internet is video. Most users spend their time watching online videos than ever before. Video marketers report huge profits from this platform. Video content increases conversion rates and improves SEO among others.

Videos are one of the leading lead generation ideas. The secret is learning how to use it for this noble purpose. Some suggestion is the use of high-quality and informative videos like gated content, including a call-to-action at the end of a free video, and hosting videos on landing pages that have a related offer can help you to generate leads.

5. Collect Success Secrets from Thought Leaders and Share Them

You can provide unique value for your content by reaching out to thought leaders in your niche. Interview these experts to uncover their secrets as it will tell your potential clients that you have a dedication to deliver quality. You need to ask the questions that your audience can learn from during the interview. Share the details of these interviews with your target audience on your blog. It is an excellent approach if you are looking for lead generation ideas that work.

6. Facebook Ads

Most people are using various social media platforms like Facebook to make an important decision in life. One of the leading channels is Facebook. Therefore, you can take advantage of od Facebook’s relaxed and click-happy mood.

According to research, Facebook ads are a sure way of maximizing your marketing investments by gathering high-quality leads. It has an incredibly detailed targeting ability, an opportunity for a broad range of calls to action, and great page placement. Therefore, Facebook advertising is a great win when looking for the top lead generation ideas. Even service businesses can use Facebook to generate high-quality leads for their brand.

7. Google’s Pay-Per-click Advertisement

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement from Google can be a cost-effective way of generating traffic to your lead generation form or landing page depending on your industry. You will set-up custom ads that display when users enter certain search quarries. As the name suggests, you won’t pay until a user clicks on your ad. Target quarries and keywords that have a high conversion intent to funnel high-quality traffic to your website.

8. Influencer Outreach

This process entails finding various influencers like thought leaders in your industry and then develop a relationship with them over time. It is good for creating friends but the ultimate goal is to have authority in your corner whenever you need a promote a piece of content and a high personality supports what you are doing. With such lead generation ideas, you will not fail as long as you get it right.

If you have an excellent relationship with a single of multiple influencers, they will deliver an invaluable signal boost to various lead generation content such as tools, e-books, and blog posts.

9. Retarget Marketing

Have you ever left a site its ads follow you for several weeks? It is what we call retarget marketing. In a nutshell, it works by placing a small code pixel of your site that attaches a cookie to each user who visits your website. when these users browse another website, the cookie will trigger your ads.  Therefore, only people who visited your site and left will be able to view your ads.

It can be an excellent strategy of converting users and plugging holes in your marketing funnel as part of the larger strategy. It will help you get back users who could have browsed and left without looking back.

10. Landing Page Optimization

You need to understand the basis of optimizing landing pages and constantly work to improve yours to increase the conversion rates of your lead generation forms. At the start, a difference of 2 or 3% may appear to be insignificant. However, this difference will grow over time. Therefore, you need to learn the basic of landing page optimization and implement this strategy accordingly.

You can still add more to this list of lead generation ideas. However, it is an excellent starting point to anyone who wants to add value to his or her business. Make sure you understand the needs of your audience and work around delivering them. From here, you will only be giving them a little nudge and you will go far.

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