10 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About in 2019

10 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About in 2019

The importance of content marketing has continued to increase in the modern world of digital marketing. People are changing the way they create content strategies and campaigns over time. Users want brands that have a likable and authentic face, interactive content, and better user experience.

It is wise to learn these content marketing trends to stay on top of the competition. Podcasts and videos will allow users to experience your brand in a different way. The relevance of social media continues to increase and the demand for influencer marketing is on the rise. Here are ten content marketing trends you need to know about in 2019.

1. Deluxe Long-Form Content

Readers and search engines prefer to get long content. 2019 will be characterized by content that is over 2000 words.  Longer texts give your audience well-researched, in-depth, and well-structured texts about the topic. They provide additional value from the sources that you can trust.

You have to create the text, headings, paragraphs, and structure of the content with your audience in mind. think about the possible questions that could be in the mind of the user. Answer these questions in the content before the readers ask them.

The content should help the user in the best way possible. Search engines are good at learning the search intentions and this rank long articles highly. Besides, most users like to share long articles on their social media platforms. Modern content marketing trends will see people publish fewer but well-researched and high-quality articles.

2. Video Marketing

The potential of video marketing is enormous. Most of the customers who watch branded videos make a purchase. Research reveals that videos influence 75% of the users on social media in making a purchase decision. It is the most convenient way of learning about a brand online.

Influencer channels, webinars, and branded videos are popular on YouTube. The reason is that users value the elements of transparency and authenticity in a brand. You will establish a relationship and become more authentic when you speak directly to your viewers in front of a camera. People no longer want advertisement messages in pictures and words. Video content is expected to account for 82% of the world-wide internet traffic by 2021.

3. Podcasts

The use of podcast marketing is also on the rise. Advertising on popular podcast series allows the brand to more users using audio content and bring their brand name in the consciousness of their target group. However, it will take you more time to listen to a podcast than reading an article or watching a short video. Most people listen to podcasts as they do another thing such as driving. Therefore, we cannot classify podcasts as content that is easily snackable and consumable. However, we cannot underestimate the potential of podcasts in 2019.

4. Social Media

Social Media

Social media is among the fastest moving content marketing trends. The trend is shifting from Facebook towards short-lived media like WhatsApp and Instagram. The trend is more prevalent in your influencers and audiences between 16 to 30 years of age. Social media content has to be personal and authentic to perform well. The importance of interacting and networking with other accounts is as good as personal contact. Use fast and regular posts to tell stories. The key elements are authenticity, playfulness, and continuity.

5. Mobile First

The trend of our time is mobility. Most people use their mobile devices to shop, watch online videos, stay in contact with one another and even inform themselves. Therefore, you should use the ‘mobile first’ idea to implement all your content. All signs point towards mobility especially in video marketing because most users watch videos on their Smartphones or tablets. Mobile content should be original, funny, and compact. It should also be authentic enough to convince your users quickly. These elements will motivate users to take a close look at this small display. You should also learn to spread your mobile content to other channels.

6. UX is King

In 2019, marketers will concentrate on using different formats to meet the broad range of needs of their users. It will help them give their brand a positive image and win the trust of their audience. The aim of content marketing is to create a good user experience. Tangible content will catch up with quality and price as crucial attributes of any product.

The best Facebook, Instagram, and Google optimize its newsfeed algorithms and search engine each minute as a way of reacting to the behavior of users. Therefore, as the audience continues to interact with your content, it will remain visible for an extended period. The way people use the internet keeps on changing and they now prefer voice search over text. Content managers should adapt to this trend and make significant investments in suitable audio content.

7. Micro Moments: Snackable Content at the Right Time in the Right Place

Micro-moments refer to short moments that clients use to search for offers, help, or information to help in making a purchase. For instance, when you search for the nearest salon on your tablet, the moment you get to the tablet is your micro-moment. It is an excellent opportunity for any marketer. The target of micro-moments is to use pull marketing strategies. The client will search for the offers from suitable brands and will likely follow the fastest and most relevant offer. To win, you need to be there, be useful, and be quick. Micro-moments give marketers an excellent opportunity of capturing and exploiting the needs of their customers in a targeted manner.

8. Cross-Team Content marketing

Content marketing

Gone are the days when creation of content was an exclusive role of marketers. Everyone has to contribute to the content creating process right away from the intern to the CEO. The reason is that all of us deal with customers in a unique way. Thus, we understand the requirements of our clients at that particular moment. It is one of the most productive content marketing trends you need to implement for your brand.

9. Content Collaboration with Other Influencers and Brands

Brands like Spotify and Uber have teamed up to give their clients a playlist of their favorite music while on the move. Cooperating with one influencer or the collaboration of two brands create new content that you can play out on several channels for the two target groups leading to a wider target group.  This pattern will continue to prevail in the 2019 content marketing trends.

10. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming more intelligence virtual assistance. They answer most of the questions from customers and share relevant product information. Chatbots play a critical role when it comes to customer service. In 2019, we expect brands to use these artificial intelligence innovations to the maximum.

All these content marketing trends will be at the center stage of all industries in 2019. Be keen to implement them if you want to remain at the top of the game.

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