10 Best Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

10 Best Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

The majority of bloggers and professional SEOs do not achieve their goals because they put most of their focus on publishing and writing content. They forget to use the best keyword rank tracker tool to monitor their ranking in the search results of targeted keywords. Nonetheless, it needs close to fifteen minutes to carry out proper research using the right keyword research tools. After finishing the research process, you will move to write the best blog post with those keywords.

1. SEMrush position checker

SEMrush position checker

SEMrush is the best keyword rank tracker tool for checking your Google position. Utilizing this tool is quite easy since you put the URL of the website and you will get ranking keywords for the site. You can check a blog post or individual page keyword position with the same method. Also, it is possible to check the specific competition to have an idea of the effort you need to invest in the specific keyword to rank. This keyword rank tracker tool supports Bing and Search engine for you to check the positions of the keyword on the search engines. It is quite easy to use and you can get a trial period that will help you take better decisions if you want to use this tool.

2. Ahrefs rank tracker

Ahrefs rank tracker

Ahrefs rank tracker is the best keyword rank tracker tool you can employ to check the position of your keyword. Nonetheless, it does a good job and leaves no excuses but if you desire to check other Google ranking tools, Ahrefs needs to be on top of the list of your tool of choice. It is easy to monitor the position of your keyword as you upload the keywords you want on Ahref to track it. You will add the keywords manually and then use commas to separate them. You can check each page or website with this tool. You can check the ranking of the keyword in an individual country. You can also check the competition of your keywords with keyword difficulty since it helps you take the decision of the keyword to target and the amount of time it will take to rank.

3. MOZ PRO Rank Tracker Tool


Moz PRO is the best keyword rank tracker tool which tracks pages and keywords to save time and helps you to improve SERPS ranking. This tool is powerful and grabs SERP ranking for keywords and pages which helps in decision making. You will not waste time in checking the positions of keywords manually and see the positions of the keyword. It supports major search engines. This tool will allow you to compare the visibility of keywords on desktop and mobile. It is possible to track the ranking of your keywords across search engines in over two hundred countries.

4. SERPWatcher


SERPWatcher is among the best keyword rank tracker tools from Mangloos. The monitor of this tool works perfectly and is popular on the front of checking the rank of the keywords. It has the best eye-pleasing and amazing UI that will make you love this rank tracker tool. You can track the position of your keyword of the website.

5. Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker

This tool is also a populous free keyword positioning tool that monitors the ranking of keywords. It is a tool that is easy to rank the position that is easy to use the positioning of your keyword. This tool is simple as you put the keyword you need with the name of the domain and will show you the place where the keyword is ranking for the domain name. Nonetheless, it can be time-consuming with the list of the keywords that you want to check. Checking the positioning of the keyword will keep you on track and help you remain focused.

6. SERP’s keyword rank checker

SERP’s keyword rank checker

This is the best popular ranking tool that checks the position of your keywords. It shows more than just a SERP keyword ranking. Aside from showing the position of keywords, it shows another valuable info like search volume data and CPC for any keyword. It is possible to check the position of the keyword for particular locations on the device selection. This tool is perfect for checking single and multiple ranking positions of the keyword. This tool is good for SEO to measure, understand, implement, and test SEO strategies to achieve SEO goals.

7. SEOCentro

SEOCentro is among the best keyword rank tracker tools online. The use of this rank monitoring tool is crucial for checking the performance of specific keywords in diverse search engines like Bing and Yahoo. You will get full details for particular keywords including ranking positions in different search engines for the history of the keyword. Also, it shows other keywords that relate to major keywords you may want to add in the blog post to get search traffic. It shows websites that are ranking for targeted keyword for up to five pages.

8. The HOTH ranking checker

It is a free ranking tool that is helpful for finding keywords for driving keywords. You can find keywords for your competitor and your site. You put the site of your competitor and view the page ranking and you will see their traffic and know how to target your blog post. It will show you the position of the keyword and traffic percentage you will get on the leading page of Google. If you want tracing updates, you will have to upgrade the free HOTH account.

9. Small SEO tool keyword rank checker

This rank checker tool offers you the options of checking the SERP position of a keyword. It is possible to check the position of the keyword by URL or keyword. It is easy to use this tool by putting the domain name and enter the keywords to track positioning. It is possible to track the rank by the use of the URL and it will give the top ten ranks for the URL.

10. Search engine reports

Search engine report is among the best keyword rank tracker tools to check to rank in SERP. You need to use it to check the position of Google for over ten keywords at a time. It is a lightweight tool that is helpful when you do not want to spend on premium position tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. If you have a big plan with the website, this tool is the best for your site. This tool is free and it is harmless to try it.


Every online rank tracking tool in this write-up has its cons and pros. Some tools are standalone and others are part of SEO tools, meaning the price varies. Other tools work well for agencies due to their white label reports while others put their focus on small businesses and solo-preneurs. Take time to choose the best keyword rank tracker tool that suits your requirements.

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