Asana Vs Monday: Which One Is Better? [Updated 2022]

Asana Vs Monday: Which One Is Better? [Updated 2022]

Asana vs Monday; don’t let the battle royale between two of the best project management software keep you from making a choice. You can choose Asana, or you can go for Monday. 

But, as rich features two of these best project management tools offer, choosing from them becomes challenging. 

But there is merit and weakness to all things. So here, we will assess the Asana vs Monday topic based on the various features, pros & cons; and we will deliver a judgment regarding which one you need to choose for your organization.

Asana Vs Monday: Definition

What Is Asana?

The former Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein are responsible for creating the Asana project management tool. The tool was designed in 2008 and was kept private until it was finally made public in 2012.

Asana is now one of the biggest names in the projects management sector, and it helps a wide user base both at the technical and non-technical levels. However, the tool is more used in the marketing and sales sector. 

Asana is designed with project management in mind. Therefore, it takes a task-oriented approach. It helps users create tasks, subtasks, including descriptions assigned to teammates, comments, tags, and custom fields.

What Is Monday? is a cloud-based project management and application development program.

It provides professionals with enterprise solutions around the world. 

The software also facilitates the integration of project management steps within a single space. 

In short, it is a place where teams can collectively work on tasks, monitor progress, schedule tasks, collaborate, and much more. 

Monday also offers integration of third-party apps to help teams work flexibly and dynamically.

Asana Vs Monday: Features

Asana Vs Monday Features

Here we are discussing about features:

Asana Features

Asana offers beautiful features that work great in managing your task and tasks. Here are the features of Asana:

  • Projects: you can create shared projects on Asana.
  • Tasks: breaking down projects into shared tasks is possible with Asana.
  • Subtasks: you can also create subtasks by breaking down the tasks into small pieces.   
  • Timeline: you can build a beautiful Gantt chart within minutes using Asana.
  • Reporting: the reporting feature of Asana helps you track the real-time progress of the work that you have planned. 
  • Boards: The Kanban board helps you see and track your work in real-time. 
  • Goals: you can have strategic goals and track your progress simultaneously.  
  • Calendar: You get a calendar where you can monitor the team’s work all the time. 
  • App Integration: It offers integration of many apps to offer better project functionality.

You also get multiple other features like project briefing, project overview,  and tons of other features on Asana.

Monday.Com Features

Monday offers more than just a project management tool. You get marketing, CRM, software development, design, and many more. Here are the features of Monday. 

  • Marketing: Monday offers its users a capable marketing tool that helps with marketing strategy, social media planning, event management, and much more. 
  • Project management: Monday’s project management tool offers various projects like a single project, advanced project, and much more. 
  • App Integration: Using Monday’s integration features: users can integrate third-party apps to their heart’s content. 
  • Creation & assignments: You can create and assign tasks to multiple members on Monday.
  • To-Do List:  Creating a to-do list is easy on

Project Planning, Mapping, and Viewing: Now create, plan, view, and map your project with the help of Monday as a project planner.

Asana Vs Monday: Pros & Cons

Asana Vs Monday: Pros & Cons

The detailed comparison of Asana vs Monday also requires comparing the pros and cons of both of the services.


Here are the pros and cons of the Asana project manager. 

Asana Pros

  • It has a very intuitive UI
  • Asana is a very flexible application and offers users a customization option.
  • Asana has lots of features that make it one of the best project managers.
  • You get multiple views. You can also track the progress of your work.
  • Integration of third-party apps.

Asana Cons

  • Lots of features may overwhelm or distract the users. 
  • There is a learning curve. You cannot use it properly without a clear understanding. 
  • There is no single nestled view to track tasks and subtasks at one place.
  • It does not allow multiple assignees to a single task. 
  • The pricing is high. Asana charges more than it offers.


Here are the pros and cons of Monday project manager.

Monday Pros

  • It has a very colorful and attractive UI.
  • Multi-department collaboration is another advantage of Monday. It also provides CRM and marketing solutions. 
  • Monday allows multiple assignees and assigns the same task to multiple team members.

A wide range of third-party app integration is enabled on Monday.

Monday Cons

  • Task-related functionalities need lots of training for users to be adept and use them properly.
  • You don’t get all the project management tools in one place; it is quite confusing to use them. 
  • There are no free plans for the users available on Monday.

Asana Vs Monday Comparison

Asana Vs Monday ComparisonAsana Vs Monday Comparison

Here is a full-blown comparison of Asana vs Monday.

Asana Features & Views

Asana has both traditional and squad collaboration. 

But there is a lack of agile capabilities; it cannot implement agile frameworks other than more straightforward kanban.

Multiple views are present—for instance, board, calendar, Gantt, and many others.

Monday Features & Views

It has more than the necessary features. But on the side of agile capabilities, Monday also falls behind. The features vary based on the price a user pays.

There are multiple built-in views available. For example, you get a kanban board, calendar, timeline, list, and many other views.

Asana User Experience

The user experience is fun and intuitive. However, since there are tons of features, it becomes hard to learn them.

Monday Use Experience

The user interface has a very colorful tone. But, again, it requires lots of learning due to the overwhelmingly extensive features.

Asana Development friendly

There is a lack of powerful, agile capabilities. Lack of integration deep integrations with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket. 

Also, there is no support for `/` commands, markdown for quickly sharing code snippets among devs. So, it isn’t developer-friendly.

Monday Development friendly

Just like Asana, Monday also is not developer-friendly.

Asana Vs Monday Pricing

Asana Vs Monday Pricing

  • For Asana, paid plan starts at $10.99/person/month. There is also a free plan.
  • For Monday here are four complex plans. The starter pack costs $8/seat/month.

Asana Vs Monday: Which One Is For You?

Asana Vs Monday Which One Is For You

The Asana vs Monday debates ends here.  If the purpose of your use is marketing, sales, and similar other non-technical issues, then booth Asana and Monday are good for you.

Asana is probably the best tool for you if you want better collaboration, communication, and better task handling for your business.

But if you require a more robust and colorful-looking application that has decent task handling capabilities, Monday is the one you need to pick. 

Also, your budget is just as important as the user requirement. So you can choose any of these two based on the price you are willing to pay.


We have listed all the features, pros and cons, pricing of both Asana and Monday. We hope that you will have no more questions regarding Asana vs Monday once you have read this article. Please let us know what you think about two of these project management tools and which one you wish to choose.

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