15 Web Design Tips for Beginners

15 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Web design is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Some of the mistakes that beginners make can cost them a lot. The primary objective of creating a website is to build brand awareness and increase the productivity of your brand. Here are some web design tips that will help beginners to stay on the right track.

A good website can play a critical role in guaranteeing your online success. It can help you rank on SERPs, build branding, promote better UI and UX and directly drive sales and revenues for your business. This is one major reason why brands always go for custom designs from the best and most experienced web design agencies. If you are building websites with Digitech Web Design, you can rest assured that you are creating the best digital footprints for your business.

1. Make it Interactive


An interactive layout is one of the best web design tips to implement on your site. You don’t want people who are visiting your website to have a passive experience. Each visitor should engage with the information that is on your pages. You can achieve this objective by including interactive elements on your site. It comprises the things that give your visitors the power to change their experiences by clicking and scrolling certain parts of your website. You can decide to label your various services and give them a cute animation instead of using the typical menu bar. When you scroll over every option, it will change the animation slightly. Likewise, clicking can open up a page within the page that will provide more information to your users.

2. Use Original Illustrations

If an interactive design does not make sense to your business, you can still make sure that your brand has a unique personality. A graphic designer can create original illustrations for your content and website to get a unified visual experience for your business. Use illustrations that have the same color scheme and style throughout the site. The design will communicate something about your brand personality to your visitors, and they will not even realize that it is happening.

3. Use Animation


Creating animation is a bit tough and expensive to achieve. However, it is among the alluring web design tips that will bring a memorable experience to your website. Add some movements to the images that are on your web pages to draw the eyes of your visitors and create more interest in what they see. However, be keen while using animations on your website so that it supports and does not distract the message you are passing to your audience.

4. Incorporate Product Photos

Most product photos are neither interesting nor beautiful. Make sure that your product photos are attractive and artsy. High-quality product photos can be at the center of your web design. You have to present them in a creative and visually aesthetic way. The images can be good backgrounds on your homepage and should communicate something about your brand.

5. Use a Unique Font

Most people who are new to web design don’t spend a lot of time thinking about fonts. This element has a significant effect on how people interact with the website. You can add personality to your website by choosing unique fonts. It will also give your website an original design experience. You can get several web design tips online to guide you through the process of selecting a unique font for your website.

6. Let Your Content be the Star


If you are investing heavily in high-quality content, you will want people to see it. Make sure you build your website around your content to make it more visible. Content hubs or content-centric sites place your valuable content at the center and in front. Viewers should notice the various content options with a lot of ease.

7. Create a Desire for More in Your Visitors

In some cases, less is more for great web designs. Keeping the main landing page simple but intriguing will motivate your visitors to keep clicking and scrolling to learn about the site. You will learn more about the website as you continue scrolling downwards. It is among the few web design tips that are beautiful and interesting enough to capture the attention if the visitor from the first moment.

8. Dare to be Colourful

Minimalistic styles work well for some brands, but others will expect you to use a burst of colors to create your brand personality. For instance, you can present a playful personality in an arty brand by using vibrant colors on the website. You should not limit yourself to basic color schemes but remember to choose your colors carefully.  Vibrant colors can make your website to stand out.

9. Use (Silent) Video

Some designers don’t use auto-play videos because they create a bad user experience. Silent videos can create an excellent background image on your website. This video should communicate a certain message about your brand to the visitors.

10. Bold the CTA

Most of the web design tips in this list aim at providing a unique and visually exciting experience. However, you should not forget that the primary aim of your website is communicating what your brand offers to the audience. Therefore, your web design should concentrate on your prime positioning. Have a clear call to action that will drive your audience to convert.

11. Use Parallax Scrolling

The term parallax scrolling refers to the state in which your website continues to change as you scroll. The scrolling can trigger an animation, or it could be your background that is changing. It will give your visitors a great look as they continue navigating through your website. It is an entertaining and intuitive way of taking your visitors through an argument that would otherwise sound boring and dry.

12. Make Your Navigation Fun

Navigation Fun

You can give your visitors a chance to choose a web version that they would like to visit. The users can select their persona and get the best version of their website. It can also be a more fun adventure of choosing your adventure or experience. Beginners may need the help of professionals to implement some of these web design tips.

13. Use Gamification

This tip does not apply to all websites, but it is the best approach to engage visitors and drive the preferred actions. In gamification web design tips, you will provide a system of rewards for the actions that you would like your visitors to take. For instance, you may devise a points system that adds up upgrades and discounts.

14. Pack in More with Mouseover Text

Clutter is not a good thing for any web page but you may have too much to stay. It can be challenging to have everything on your page and avoid clutter. You can solve this problem with the mouseover text design. It involves providing a collection of images with basic textual information. You can view more details by clicking on what you want.

15. Provide a Virtual Tour

Does your business have a physical location? You can use a 360 virtual tour to give your visitors a test. The user will want to know how visiting your office feels. It is an excellent approach to humanize your brand. You will be bringing your visitors to the office where you work each day. Virtual tours are web design tips that allow your visitors to interact with your business and get a lot by visiting your website. All these web design tips are crucial for anyone who wants to take his or her brand to the next level.

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