Plagtracker Plagiarism Checker – User Reviews, Pros & Cons

Plagtracker Plagiarism Checker – User Reviews, Pros & Cons

Plagtracker Plagiarism Checker

Most accurate plagiarism checker for academic users


Rating: 3 stars

Free to use.Returns misleading results sometimes ( the free version).
A huge database of academic papers.Is not as fast as other alternatives.
Plagiarism checkingFree
Reference Processing$7.49/month (first month).
Grammer checking$14.99/month. 
Pdf report
Database check
Access to API
And more

The rising need for written content is profound. Irrespective of the type and industry you are writing for, you will notice one common thing – all of them want authentic and non-plagiarized content.

You may be an academic writer, a content writer, or a copywriter. But despite the type of writing you do, you need plag checking tools to check the authenticity of your work.

There are indeed some great options to look for, but most of them are too pricey. Small businesses and especially students, need something free and useful. You may or may not have heard of Plagtracker, but today I will tell you why you should consider using it. Here is a detailed and descriptive review of Plagtracker.

Plagtracker: Accurate & Free Plag Checker!

Plagtracker: Accurate & Free Plag Checker!

This tool is among the most talked about and used web-based plagiarism checkers available online. Students, teachers, bloggers, and website owners can check any written content for authenticity. 

Two Ukrainian computer scientists came together and built this web-based plagiarism checking online tool. The main USP of this tool is its ease of use and free service.

You Need To Follow Only Three Steps:

  • Upload your file for plag check.
  • The online software will run a scam.
  • You get the plag report.

Using Plagtracker, Students can fix the grammatical mistakes in their papers before submission. Teachers and publishers can detect the authenticity of the papers and manuscripts using this tool. Bloggers can also use this tool to verify the authenticity of their content before publishing.

They claim to have more than 30000 users using the free version of the tool, while the number of premium users is merely 500.

Features: what does this tool pack?

You can use Plagtracker for different reasons like – academic, education, ad hoc reporting, business/ corporate work, duplicate detection, and text similarity detection. But, I will highlight the specific features that make Plagtracker stand out.

(Reminder: most of these features come with the premium version)

Instant Report

The free version of the tool will take you more time. But the premium version helps you get an instant report of your text in less than a minute.

Grammar Check

The premium version also includes a grammar check for free.

References Processing

Plagtracker processes the references and excludes the report from the reference.

Pdf Report

Most of the time, you get an online report after checking a document for plagiarism. But Plagtracker allows you to keep an offline record of your plagiarism report by offering a pdf version of the report.

Database Check

You can run a cross publication database check using the premium version of the tracker tool.

Access To API

Plagtracker allows API access helping you to integrate it with your other application. This provides a smooth workflow and helps you save time. 

File Format

You can upload different file formats like Doc, Docx, and text and run a plagiarism check. 

Unlimited Checking Volumes

When using the free version of the tool, you can check for plag for a limited number of documents. But with the premium version, you can check an unlimited number of texts.

What Works And What Doesn’t!

Free play checkers are great, but. But most of the apps lack some of these aspects. Plagtracker, although it has many pros, it also has some cons worth remembering.


  • The app is free to use.
  • Their checking algorithm is unique.
  • You have a huge database of academic paper.
  • Plagtracker is good for academic users.
  • It is a web-based application hence no download is needed. 


  • The interface does not look premium.
  • Getting a result in the free version may sometimes take a longer time.
  • The result is often misleading.

Satisfied With Plagtracker?… Or Do You Need Alternatives?

Satisfied With Plagtracker?... Or Do You Need Alternatives?

All of us have our preferences and personal choices of features that we need. Although many might like Plagtracker, some might need alternatives. If you need alternatives, here are some similar applications you can check out –

Plagtracker Pricing: How Much You Need To Spend? 

The need for a Plagiarism checking app is of the utmost, and professionals using tools like Grammarly, Owletter, and ahref often need tools for checking the authenticity of documents. You can go for Copyscape or Quetext, or Prespostseo but the price-to-feature ratio may often bother some users.

So, what about the price of Plagtracker? Is it worth using at its price point? Plag tracker is completely free for the most part. However, you need to buy the premium version to unlock most of the features.

The first purchase of the premium version requires you to spend $7.49/month. But from the next month and onwards you have to pay a monthly price of $14.99.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you are looking for good plagiarism checking app and you need it for occasional use, then the free Plagtracker tool is a good option. Here are some popularly asked questions that might help you clear further confusion.

1. Are Premium Plagiarism Checkers Worth The Money?

The free plagiarism checkers do check your paper for a copy, but they are not nearly as neat and efficient as the premium ones. So it is best for you to check the copy using a premium app. The premium tools for checking plag are efficient, and they offer close to accurate results.

2. Does Plagtracker Save Your Paper?

No. Plagtracker does not save your paper. You can upload your paper with peace of mind without feeling insecure about it getting copied.

3. How Many Times Can I Check My Paper On Plag Tracker?

The premium version of the tool does not require a lot of subscription fees, and it lets you check for plagiarism unlimited times.


Rating: 3 stars

Free to use. Returns misleading results sometimes ( the free version).
A huge database of academic papers.Is not as fast as other alternatives. 
Plagiarism checkingFree
Grammer checking$7.49/month (first month)
Pdf report$14.99/month
Database check
Access to API
And more

Bottom Line: Should You Use Plagtracker?

Free plagiarism checking tools are amply available. But not all offer as good a result as the premium ones. But Plagtracker does not disappoint the users in the free version as much as the other free alternatives. Especially students and academic users will find this app very useful.

You can pay the minimum subscription fees if you want more premium features and switch to the premium version.

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