WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker – User Reviews, Pros & Cons

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker – User Reviews, Pros & Cons

When we write an official email, it either takes so long or to express all the offers, it does not make any sense. 

More or less we face this problem. Whitesmoke is the software that can solve those issues quickly. 

Here, I am talking about the Whitesmoke grammar checker. This piece of article will cover the review, pros, and cons of this software and the best features that make your document, and emails error-free. 

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What Is Whitesmoke?

What Is Whitesmoke?

It is a software that checks your English Writing. This software was launched in 2019. You can get all in one solution from this software.

By using this you can write English anywhere confidently. It is a mobile app for both android and ios. It has a web-based writing solution, a business version.

One such English grammar software is Whitesmoke. It is best for the workplace, any corporate field, professional writing, documentation, and business report.

Pros And Cons Of Whitesmoke

                      Pros                                Cons
➕ It allows you to check overall grammar➖ It is hard to pinpoint anything.
➕ You can get a quick response from a text review.➖ Customer service takes too much time to get back to the customers.
➕ It is easy to use. ➖ It is not location friendly.
➕ It makes you very confident to publish your writing online. ➖ It is a version of 8 web-based software. 

Key Features Of Whitesmoke

Key Features Of Whitesmoke

Here, I gather some crucial features of Whitesmoke. On this useful software you can utilize it in multiple ways. Let’s elaborate some features.

1. Grammar Check

You don’t want any grammatical mistakes in the writing. Who does? Whitesmoke grammar acts as your second eye which can check grammatical errors in your writing.

Some of us are a little more tarnished in the English language. If you want to improve, don’t miss these areas…

  • Incomplete sentences
  • Tense shifts
  • Object clauses
  • Fragments
  • Missing words
  • Implementing new words
  • Modification
  • Double negative
  • Misspellings 
  • And more.

If you are curious to know more unmentioned features, just ask below, a member of ours will reply. 

2. Plagiarism Detection

Whitesmoke review your writing and ensures that the text is unique. It can detect plagiarism in articles, blogs, research paper websites, and more.

It can offer a fast, accurate and genuine service that scans billions of texts and websites digitally to make sure that text is unique.

3. Dictionary

Whitesmoke has a dictionary. If you use new words in your writing and want to add a dictionary, Whitesmoke gives the space where you can add new words. 

Apart from this, this software recommends synonyms or vocabulary that make your sentence simple and smart. 

4. Punctuation Check

If you have any doubt by placing a colon, semicolon or inverted comma, dash, then you are not a single person who is facing this problem while writing.  

Whitesmoke writers help you to place punctuation in the proper place. If you use this software, you can get flawless and ideally punctuated writing.

5. Contextual Guidance

Contextual Guidance

Whitesmoke guides you on which words can be appropriate with your text in order to context. If your text is about business, medical, technology, or literature, Whitesmoke provides you with contextual new words.

6. Style Check

If you want to learn how to make your text stylist, Whitesmoke can teach you. Style can make your writing different from others.

Style is very important in email writing. Style can make your text flow better and sound good. Although that can be a slight grammar error, it can make the writing brilliant. By doing this you can impress your client.

7. Translator

It can translate 55 languages. You can use it on social networks, blogs, international business, school, and academic research. Also professional translation service.

It makes a language easier for the users. It opens a new door to the users because language is such a thing that is very important to understand to communicate.  Whitesmoke promotes this.

Pricing Detail

It offers a free trial for brand new users. Along with this, Whitesmoke is available in 6 pricing tiers, like…

💲 Yearly: $5/month (Billed annually $59.95/year).

💲 3-Years: $3.47/month (Billed quarterly $124.95).

💲 Premium – – Yearly: $6.66/month (Billed annually $79.95/year).

💲 3-Years: $5.55/month (Billed quarterly $199.95).

 💲 Business – – Yearly: $11.50/month (Billed annually $137.95/year).

💲 3-Years: $8.82/month (Billed quarterly $317.5).

User Reviews

Most of the users provide five out of five stars on this software. Yet, some of them give their personal experience. Let’s look at some of the user reviews…

review 1
review 2
review 3

To see more reviews 👉https://bit.ly/3ykCCDw

Whitesmoke vs Grammarly

                      Grammarly                                    Whitesmoke    
Starting price- $12.5/Per-MonthStarting price- $10/Per-Month
It is a knowledge baseIt is not
Training can be live onlineThis feature is not available. 
This software can not provide video for trainers.Whitesmokes present a demo video for a trainer.
It has a free version.It has not. 
Whitesmoke vs Grammarly

Whitesmoke Alternatives

Looking for Whitesmoke alternatives, then check it out below-mentioned grammar software…

Just Look 👇

Whitesmoke Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is WhiteSmoke Free?

Its service is free. It also offers an app subscription. Along with this software is also available at a different price list.

2. How Do I Use WhiteSmoke?

To start this software, you have to download this software, then Whitesmoke log in after that select your text and paste on the proofreading option in the software, and you get the result.

3.What Is WhiteSmoke?

It is an English grammar checker software. It can provide different types of services such as style checkers, translators, and more.

4.How Good Is WhiteSmoke?

It is quite accurate grammar and spelling checker software. If you are a student or you want to start a writing career you can use this software.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this piece of writing can meet your queries. Whitesmoke is one of the useful grammar checker software. 

If you want to know more, you can comment below. 

I would like to know your words! 

Thank you!

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