How to come up with good boutique name ideas

How to come up with good boutique name ideas

Congratulations, you opened a boutique! You are now a business owner! But, what are you going to call your business? Some people go by their first or last name. Trouble is, some names are very common. For example, I once worked at an art supply store called Michael’s. When people asked where I worked, I had to specify Michael’s the art supply store and not Michael’s the “gentleman’s club”. (Yes, that’s what they called themselves.) If your last name is Johnson, you can’t go into business with your brother without people asking to buy shampoo. And if by chance you do sell shampoo, you might find yourself getting a cease and desist order!

Your boutique name should have four qualities to it. It needs to be unique. It needs to be relevant. It should have the right keywords. It should also be memorable. If you want to know more about boutique name ideas with getting. online, keep reading!


You must have a name that is completely singular. Not only will this mark you as something different that stands out, but it keeps you from getting enmeshed in nasty lawsuits. You may want to check the United States Patent and Trademark Office to see if anyone has a similar name for their business. You could legally use the name for your business that’s already in use if your trade is different. However, you can create better clarity with your customer base if your name is completely different from someone else.


You want to make it clear to the consumer what it is you sell at your boutique. For example, many boutiques will have Francophone names because of France’s association with high-end fashion. (In fact, the word “boutique” is from the French for “shop”.)  If you want to name your store “Gardenias”, it might be helpful to have the full name be “Gardenias Fine Fashions” so no one will think you’re a flower store. However, people going to such a store may expect frilly, delicate women’s fashion. If you sell workout gear or ties and jackets, go with something more appropriate.


With everyone going online, this is more important than ever. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, (a risky venture but go for it!) you will be expected to have a website that at least describes your inventory and any special sales or events coming up. If you want to get foot traffic, you first need to get online traffic. You need a name with a keyword that people will type when they’re looking for something. People looking for a boutique will be looking for “fashion” or maybe something more specific like “dresses” or “jewelry” or “casual wear”. What do you have that they want?


You want something that will stand out a bit. Something that will really stand out in someone’s mind. A unique name will often be memorable by default. However, there are other aspects of memorability to consider. Let’s go back to the early example of “Gardenias”. Do people really know how to say it right? It is a nice-sounding word for a pretty flower, but would most people not familiar with it know how to spell it? Perhaps “Blue Iris” or “Midnight Rose” would work, depending on whether your fashions are daytime or nighttime wear. Try to keep it to three syllables or fewer. Fancy French names would work best in locations where much of the populace is familiar with the language. “Belle Nouvelle Boutique” might sell in New Orleans or New York but not in Peoria.


Figuring out a good name for your boutique can be as hard as or even harder than choosing a name for a child. After all, no one is going to sue you for naming your son Liam, and he can always pick up a cool nickname if he wants to stand out from the other Liams. Just remember that your boutique name has to be memorable, relevant, unique, and have the keywords your customer base will be looking for.

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