How To Delete A Youtube Channel – A Complete Guide

How To Delete A Youtube Channel – A Complete Guide

Sometimes too much youtube channel handling is leading you to a messy situation. Many YouTubers keep asking about, how to delete a youtube channel? This is a most common question that arises among 70% of YouTubers, and as no human beings are free from errors. When you first start to upload the videos on youtube, that time, more fault chances are there, which are hampering the channel’s overall look.

Most of the YouTubers are using standalone accounts. When you want to process the delete operations while handling a standalone account, the process becomes smooth and fast. But for the brand account, the youtube channel deletion requires more time to perform.

What Is The Difference Between Deleting A YouTube Channel And An Account?

When you are deleting one or two-channel from your youtube account, your youtube account’s existence will be present. But you can not access your channel’s contents as your existing channel’s content is deleted.

You can post further from your accounts. But when you delete your account, that means you are deleting your entire account with your youtube channels. So the deletion of your youtube channels and deleting your account are two different things.

A Complete Guide To Delete YouTube Channel

A Complete Guide To Delete Youtube Channel

Deleting a youtube channel is not associated with much hard work and very high technical knowledge. Most YouTubers are thinking when they are deleting one youtube channel. Then the other channels are also getting interrupted but in reality. Deleting a youtube channel is no connection with your youtube accounts.

Steps To Delete YouTube Channel From Your PC

When you want to delete a youtube channel, you are going to need a few minutes to complete the task. The answer is evident on how to delete a youtube channel. Now, most YouTubers are using PCs to operate their channels. Indeed there is no boundary to delete your youtube channel while you are using a PC or Cellphone.

Now let’s start towards the accurate answer to your question.

Step1: The first step is starting with the login to your account of how to delete a youtube channel.

Step2: Login to your channel which you want to delete.

Step3: In the top right corner of the page, there is an option for settings.

Step4: Under the account setting options, select the overview option.

Step5: Under the channel’s name, there is an option of advance settings. Click on the option of advance settings.

Step6: In the “advanced settings” options, you are getting an addition, like, and save option. And at the end of the page, you are seeing one blue option of deleting the channels.

Step7: Just click on that option.

Step8: You are redirected to another page where you have to logon to the page.

Step9: Then enter the username and password which you are using at the start of the youtube channel.

Step10: Then you are getting the option to hide your contents, and under that column, there is an option to delete the entire existing contents of the channel.

When you choose “all content options,” your entire youtube channel’s contents are deleted with all of your existing content.

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Steps To Delete YouTube Channel From Your Mobile Phones

Now many of the new generation YouTubers are using mobile devices to operate their accounts. When you are using your mobile device, then your youtube channel deletion is becoming an easier process to do.

How to delete youtube videos is another question that is frequently arising. This question is indeed precious, like how to delete a youtube channel, but both of these questions are interconnected.

Let’s start with simple steps on how to delete a youtube channel.

Step1: First sign in to the youtube studio. And this is the first step of how to delete a youtube channel.

Step2: After entering the studio, choose the settings option from the left side menu.

Step3: Then select the advanced settings from the channel menu.

Step4: Then click on the option at the bottom, then select the option of removing all the contents options.

Step5: At last, choose the option of deleting all the contents from your account.

Step6: The deletion is fully complete after you choose the option of deleting all the contents.

Bottom Line:

Deleting your one youtube channel does not hamper your overall activity of Youtube. When you are handling too many channels and when you are first starting to post your youtube channels, then making some faults is obvious. And now, you can easily make some changes and hide your content from the viewers. Hence you can delete your entire content of youtube. Follow these steps to getting rid of your fuzzy problem.

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