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VPN unlimited is an enterprise-grade VPN solution which are tailored for particular purposes and loaded with good VPN benefits. This suite comprises of three products. They are VPN Unlimited Router API, VPN unlimited SDK, and VPN unlimited white label.

VPN unlimited adds an additional oomph to your applications for iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android platforms. You can implement great features or create new apps that have top VPN benefits. VPN unlimited for the routers enables companies and businesses to supercharge networks protection with maximum levels of security.

With this package, businesses and entrepreneurs can have their personal VPNs which is an investment in infrastructure maintenance and development. It gives you a solid start to formulate your VPN enterprise while enjoying the benefits of the best providers of VPN service around the world.

Benefits of VPN Unlimited

Building Better Applications: VPN unlimited gives you a platform that will help you and the team members create a team that is richer and better in terms of application both for clients and the business. You can construct feature-loaded and powerful applications for Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS systems.

Or, in case you have current apps that you would like to beef up, you can do that with the help of VPN unlimited SDK. With the application fully loaded and secure, you can have expectations that the users will grow in numbers with the rate of loyalty exponentially rising.

Cost Effective Entry to VPN Business: Entering the market of VPN can be very expensive or tricky. It is crucial to invest in the development of infrastructure heavily, not to mention the cost that is stemming from the maintenance.

With VPN unlimited, you do not have to shell out a lot of money to begin your own business of VPN. It will help you provide the right infrastructure and then handle maintenance, which makes it easy for you to concentrate on the beginning and growing the VPN enterprise.

Tighter Network Security: Many public Wi-Fis have security flaws that make them exposed to cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. VPN unlimited for routers help boost the security of the network to a very new level. Regardless of the type of the business, you will assure customers that the Wi-Fi is fully shielded with routers that are impregnable. By providing a wireless network that is secure, you attract many customers and gain added business, resulting in more revenue for you.

VPN Unlimited Features                                                               

  • It has a worldwide server network with more than fifty server locations across forty countries
  • It has KeepSolid wise protocols that defeat VPN blocking
  • VPN Unlimited defeats throttling
  • The support team will give you customer case support at all times during the year
  • It offers multiple encryption protocols
  • It supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and Cisco IPsec
  • Cross-platform solution that is easy to use for all operating system platforms

VPN Unlimited Pricing

  • Accessing the functions on VPN unlimited for seven days costs USD 3.99
  • You will have access to the economic plan for one month for USD 9.99
  • For USD 18.99, you will get the standard pack for a period of three months
  • The professional plan for one year costs USD 49.99
  • The A cross-platform premium plan has a subscription of USD 89.99
  • There is a lifetime plan that goes for USD 149.99

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