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TunnelBear is a private and simple VPN that provides secure access to the open internet. This application helps them protect their activities online against their own ISPs, hackers, and anybody that is watching movements on a network.

With this tool, sufferers online will rest assured they are secure even after connecting to the public network. The reason behind this is that the app secures unsecured and public networks.

Also, as a user, you can breathe a relief sigh while carrying out your online activities. It does not record any movement or activity for them to enjoy privacy.

Benefits of TunnelBear

Totally Private Internet

With this tool, users will enjoy an optimally private and secure online sharing and browsing experience. The reason behind this application is making sure that nobody is snooping around the network or computer of the user be it by government agencies, ISPs, employers, hackers, and others. Additionally, the app remains on and vigilant to make sure that there is no downtime while protecting the privacy of the internet.

Secure Public Connections

Free Wi-Fi networks and public hotspots are a blight to a private user. They will enjoy connections that are safe to the internet but remain prey to threats. For this reason, TunnelBear puts up encryption walls around the user’s device or computer to ascertain that have no attacks from malware, viruses, and online hazards.

No-Log Setting

There is a reason as to why TunnelBear is a VPN that is award-winning. It protects the privacy of users. For this reason, the app has a no-log setting for the users do not get worried about visited sites and programs being stored or listed elsewhere.

Expansive Network

This tool has over twenty servers in unique parts of the world. Therefore, whenever the user has to go around content that is region-locked, they have to ask the companion bear to take them to the other country. Therefore, they possess unimpeded access to their content.

Speedy Connections

Due to the servers, it offers the users with very fast connections regardless of their location. This makes the online experience enjoyable since they will not wait for long to stream videos or wait over lagging games.

Anti-VPN App

There are particular sections on the web that detect when the machine is utilizing a VPN. When they do this, they end up blocking access to the machine. That is what TunnelBear has found the way around, which is the reason as to why with this feature you can enjoy their open network.

Team Bear

This tool is not for individual users only. The app works for teams and helps them protect their functions on up to five devices. It allows them to conduct their work easily regardless of the world part they are in.

TunnelBear Features

Computer security features

  • Vulnerability protection
  • Anti-spam
  • Financial data protection

Network security features

  • IP protection
  • Anti-spam

General features

  • Multiple devices
  • Anti-VPN blocking
  • Strong encryption
  • Worldwide network
  • Safe Wi-Fi protection
  • Fast internet
  • No logging
  • Always on
  • Closest tunnel
  • Vigilant Mode
  • Multiple Devices

TunnelBear Pricing

  • There is a free trial version for this tool
  • The starting price is USD 59.88 per year
  • This tool us USD 4.99 per month per person when billed annually. The pricing is done for five years.

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Vendor Details

  • TunnelBear
  • Founded 2011
  • Canada
  • https://www.tunnelbear.com/

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