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Buffered VPN is among VPN service providers that are trustworthy when it comes to providing highly secure connections and fast connection speeds. This service is easy to install and works well for Linux, Mac, and Windows machines.

When you have buffered VPN, you can look forward towards unfettered access to content. This is to mean that you can watch videos and view info that is relevant to your current location. And while you are at it, the application works towards protecting your privacy for you to feel secure and safe online.

Additionally, buffered VPN will protect you against malicious attacks. It helps build a wall that will deter hackers from gaining access to your data and utilizing them for personal purposes, especially on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Benefits of BufferedVPN

Encrypted Data

Buffered VPN offers you with an encryption of data that is of high grade. This is to mean that your activities will have to go through a tunnel that is secure where the information gets encrypted to protect private details like online activities, social media passwords, and bank accounts. Also, you can rest assured that this tool does not save any data or online activities in the servers.

Unfettered Content Access

When you have this tool, you can surf anywhere like a local. This is to mean that you will bypass geo-restrictions for you to access the content you would not access before. This allows you to enjoy all websites, mobile app, or computer programs and say goodbye to the workplace or government censorship.

Global Server Network

This tool has dedicated servers all over the world. As at the time of this write-up, there are servers in more than forty countries. This will afford you the ability to select the desired virtual location you want for you to enjoy premium anonymity and privacy at all times.

Anti-Hacker VPN

You are vulnerable especially if you are utilizing a public or shared Wi-Fi network. For this reason, buffered networks work towards building a shroud on your computer so that hackers and malicious individuals or institutions do not look at your online activities and personal data like electronic payment accounts and credit cards.

BufferedVPN Features

  • Safe public Wi-Fi
  • Dedicated servers
  • No-Log Policy
  • Geo-restriction bypassing
  • 256-Bit Blowfish Encryption

BufferedVPN Pricing

Buffered VPN provides the following price options on an enterprise basis
  • The monthly plan goes for USD 12 per month
  • The yearly or annual plan goes for USD 93 per year
  • The Bi-annual plan costs USD 59.94 bi-annually
All pricing plans of buffered VPN are inclusive of the software and entitle its users to 24/7 support with unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds.

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