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Whether you are curating and sharing videos for promoting the business or making videos as a business, Vimeo needs to be on your radar. It is among top video hosting services, both as a destination for clients that want to watch the videos and the backend for creators of content to host and upload videos, give them final touches, track popularity, and manage online presence of videos.

In a lot of ways, Vimeo competes YouTube, although these services differ in what they provide and the community they attract. YouTube has more traffic than Vimeo but it means the creators of content on the platform have more competition for traffic. Also, YouTube has the reputation for tolerating a wide range of content and comments, to put it mildly, while Vimeo maintains community guidelines centered on respect.

Vimeo Benefits

Viewers can watch an extended array of content

It is possible to watch a lot of content on Vimeo for free even though they have to make payment for things that creators of content decide to list as content that is paid. On the other hand, creators of content that upload videos here allow people to watch freely, or even charge if they have a premium, business, or pro account. Adverts never show up in videos; therefore, people will see the work the way you upload it.

You get a free basic account

While this software provides a free basic account that allows you to upload videos, you require a paid account to see views and baseline statistics. For instance, in case you desire knowing how far people are watching your video, you require a pro account. Other aspects include impressions, plays, plays by referring URL, and play rate for you to see how viewers got to your videos.

More features with paid membership

When you have a paid membership account, you will get more tools for collaboration. When you enable collaboration, it becomes possible to upload videos, share them with collaborators, ask for input, and even make changes before going live. Vimeo offers light tools for editing videos for you not to back to a heft app to make changes and then re-upload the video. The pro account allows for collaboration among three people, while the premium and business accounts allow up to ten people.

Live-streaming capabilities

Vimeo allows for live-streaming to broadcast the video to anybody visiting your page or social media page for integrating the service. As long as you possess the Live-enabled encoder, you can stream live. Livestream supports a video that is up to 1080p.

Vimeo Features

  • Collaborate with different video makers
  • Sell video content
  • Purchase or view content from creators
  • Track video play statistics, comments, and likes
  • Live stream
  • Upload, host, share, and watch ad-free videos

Learning engagement features

  • Native mobile apps
  • Monetize your courses
  • Course library
  • Reporting
  • Compliant management
  • Training assignment
  • Train and employ candidates, customers, and partners
  • Exams
  • Collaborative training
  • Blended training
  • Course and curriculum creation

Content curation and management features

  • Powerful search
  • Drag and drop content
  • Social collaboration
  • Curate content
  • Flexible permissions based on the structure of the organization
  • Flexible content upload

Social collaboration features

  • Employees public profile
  • Stimulate conversations
  • Instant notifications on devices
  • Drive competition and make learning fun
  • Stimulate social recognition
  • Improve social engagement
  • Drive team building with groups

Performance and succession features

  • Plan for succession
  • Identify skill gaps
  • See ranking for jobs and skills
  • Connect tasks with skills
  • Automated assessment
  • Assessment rules
  • Connect skills with courses and skills

Adaptive learning for developing careers features

  • Track progress on career paths
  • Suggestions of personalized learning paths
  • Personalized course suggestion

Business impact features

  • Collective and personal knowledge fuel
  • Explore dependency in business areas
  • Set up your KPIs
  • Sporadic training vs impact of continuing

Vimeo Pricing

  • The pricing for each package is different but the provided features are the same as named above.

Light academy

  • This package costs USD 5 per month and has a limit of three hundred employees

Professional academy

  • This package costs USD 4 and has a limit of one thousand employees

Enterprise academy

  • When you take this package, you need to have more than one thousand employees and you will contact the sales department for cost.

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