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Wistia is an online professional video hosting service provider for businesses from diverse industries and scales. As a service that is business oriented, it will help your business to grow in the awareness of the brand and simplifies the services and track the performance of marketing through the inbuilt video marketing and analytics tools.

Wistia offers tools for customizing videos for it to match the web brand of your business, increase traffic of the web through video SEO, and come up with engaged, new leads for the growth of your business, and much more. It also provides seamless integration of third-party applications and systems to make online marketing efforts of the business to be more productive and stronger. Also, Wistia ensures that the owner of the business maintains ownership of content and control to get better results in online efforts of video marketing.

Additionally, this system is highly affordable. It provides a tailored version of small companies and starters, and a transition to greater paid plans to support activities growth.

Wistia benefits

Attraction of new customers and keep existing ones

Being a basic tool for marketing, Wistia helps the business to attract novel customers and maintain loyal ones. It is possible to link turnstile email collector to a favorite email promotion tool and the new leads will go to your mailing lists directly. You can direct viewers to the signup page, additional videos, or other sections of the site with action calls. Each activity gets recorded on the heat map, which shows the parts of the video that viewers watch, skip, and re-watch. There are trend graphs that allow you to track how the whole video library is performing with time and come up with reports according to the received information.

Customization of the player

What is the most distinct advantage of Wistia is that it can get customized with the option of choosing colors and adjusting functionality to suit the requirements of the brand? Videos will also be organized easily as per your structure or workflow and can get set as closed or open when needed. Afterward, the video data will get sent directly from Wistia into the best marketing automation software to see the way videos are contributing to the whole marketing strategy.

It embeds codes that automate Video SEO

Codes embedded by Wistia automate Video SEO completely. With these codes, the JSON-LD metadata gets added to the page of the site directly. Videos embedded in Wistia are indexed by the search engine and return results for the site in the place of YouTube, therefore providing added traffic for traffic and revenue to your products and services.

Wistia Features

  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Tools for a call to action
  • Viewing trends and video heatmaps
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • HD bandwidth detection
  • Easy embedding and sharing
  • Drag and drop organization
  • Video SEO
  • Domain Restriction
  • IP filtering of video data

Wistia  Pricing          

Each pricing plan has the following benefits;
  • It fully optimizes the player by changing its color and a call to action
  • It embeds and shares all your videos on all social and email contacts
  • You can invite unlimited users
  • Comes with lead generation tools
  • Tracks the way your users interact with your contents
  • Provides integration with other tools you use


  • This package is free forever
  • It has a video limit of three
  • It brands you video player with Wistia


  • This package costs USD 99 per month
  • There is no Wistia branding for the player
  • There are ten included videos
  • You can add as many videos for 25¢ each per month


  • The price of this plan is different according to your needs
  • You will get all pro plan features and standard features in this package
  • You will get premium integration with Marketo, Hubspot, or Pardot
  • You will access priority support
  • One hundred videos are included in this plan

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