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VideoScribe is an intuitive software that is used to create professional style explainer videos and high-quality whiteboard animations. This tool will give you the flexibility to add music, text, voice, and images to the whiteboard canvas or the readjust canvas that fit your style. It allows users to create amazing videos with various animation effects and drawings to deliver your message in a clear visual manner.

This solution is appropriate for video makers, graphic design enthusiasts, government agencies, bloggers, freelancers, and internet marketers who look towards the creation of amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, bring illustration to life, add amazing visuals to the talks so as to keep your audience captivated. VideoScribe has a rich set of features that include saving the project online, adding fonts, import music, record voice-overs, work offline, publish to the web, choose video resolution, buy premium images, royalty free music collection, and image library.

VideoScribe Benefits

Reliability: This software is highly reliable and allows you to create videos on various platforms. This application works well and is highly compatible with Windows and Mac devices. Also, it has mobile applications that offer some limited features for IOS and Android devices.

The Cloud System: This tool allows you to work and save all your projects in the cloud system. Apart from this, Video scribe is downloadable and hence you can work offline. It has a cross-platform nature that is coupled with it’s on-premise and cloud-based deployment giving you a broad range of choices with regard to where and when to apply this software.

Licensed Copy: Unlike the other whiteboard software that offers a broad range of pricing plans, VideoScribe enables users to possess a licensed copy through its one-time payment. This option is great for any person who wishes to use this software indefinitely. However, you will still get the option of annual and monthly subscriptions for occasional users and beginners.

All Inclusive: One thing that makes this application unique is that it supports basic functions without any compromise to interface and learning curve.  Even though VideoScribe is a surprisingly simple tool, its broad range of applications fits into the capability of professional animation software. The App has several features that allow users to create their personal layouts and characters, set texts, and program movements. Also, the platform has multiple menus that feature sound and visual props for adding richness and depth to the videos.

Creating Whiteboard Animations: This tool allows users to create whiteboard animations in an easy manner. It assumes a simple five-step process that allows you to begin by adding text/images, and then go ahead by setting the animation times, importing and recording voiceovers, publishing the content and selecting sounds. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned editor, you will discover that VideoScribe is a super easy tool to use. In addition, the example videos and simple tutorial highlight how to use all the features and hence you will begin to flow without any hurdles.

VideoScribe Features

  • Save project online
  • Import fonts and music
  • Record voice overs
  • Work offline
  • Publish to web
  • Choose video resolution
  • Buy premium images
  • Royalty free music collection
  • Image library

VideoScribe Pricing

The Video scribe tool provides a simple enterprise pricing plan that has three modules. These include the single user, education, and license. Each of these modules offers three pricing plans that are one-off payment, yearly, and monthly. You can choose any of them depending on your ability and unique business needs.

Single User

  • One off payment of $665
  • Yearly plan of $108
  • Monthly plan of $29

Team Licenses

  • Team of five and more users at $130 per user
  • Team of ten and more users at 90 per user
  • Team of twenty and more users at $83 per user

Education Plans

  • Less than 1400 students at $1285
  • Less than 1900 students at $1652
  • Less than 2400 students at $2020

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