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Sublime Text 3 is a refined text editor designed for individuals who need a minimalist tool to shuffle code around. Unlike most, it comes bare without toolbars or configuration dialogs. It is incredibly powerful under the hood, offering the ability to customize every aspect and use IDE-like features. Python scripting is also possible with Sublime Text 3, and users can code or refract with efficiency. In addition to leanness, simplicity is another factor that makes Sublime Text 3 so popular among its users. You can slowly grow into this tool’s platform i.e. start by typing Notepad style and when you need more, Sublime Text 3 will deliver.

Sublime Text 3 Benefits

Custom cross-platform UI framework: This lends unique controls that aren’t found on other platforms. It also ensures that Sublime Text 3 looks the same across Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Comfortable and easy to use: There is a minimap inside Sublime Map 3 that offers a top-down view of file and keyboard shortcuts. It also provides general text editing features and supports multiple languages.

Lightweight: By default, Sublime Text 3 is lightweight. Along with Package Control, this makes customization incredibly easy.

Multi-line select and editing: The ability to use multiple cursors and select multiple columns allows for versatile editing methods. Users can highlight the current word, and add the next occurrence of the word by repeating a command. They can also place an extra mouse cursor in a place that’s already clicked, and control multiple cursors together.

Fully customizable: This text editor allows users to change nearly everything including Macros, Key Bindings, Completions, Snippets, Menus and more. This is made possible by JSON files and lends plenty of flexibility because customization can be done on pr-project or per file basis.

Sublime Text 3 Features

  • Instant project switch
  • Split editing
  • Goto Anything
  • Plugin API
  • Command Palette
  • Customize Anything
  • Distraction Free Mode
  • Cross Platform
  • Multiple Selections
  • Text rendering
  • Goto References
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Package Control

Sublime Text 3 Pricing

Sublime Text 3 offers a free trial for evaluation, but one has to purchase a license for continued use.
  • Individual License: $80
  • Business License:
  • 1 License for $80
  • 10+ Licenses for $70 per License
  • 25+ Licenses for $65 per License
  • 50+ Licenses for $60 per License

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