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Foundation is a front to end framework developed by Zurb. It is basically a collection of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with design patterns that users can build upon. Its goal is to eliminate the pain of rewriting code over and over, thus saving time and helping designers write better code. Websites built using Foundation 6 are highly responsive and work well on multiple screen-size devices. The software is built on SaaS, which offers the power of semantic code, dozens of programmatic features and faster styling. Foundation 6 is the latest version and helps make better designers in an evolving world of mobile devices. It comes with new and improved features that allow users to build future-friendly websites.

Foundation 6 Benefits

Styled for simplicity: With Foundation 6, users don’t have to worry about having to undo styles repeatedly. Designers can bring in only the styles they need, thanks to simplified CSS of components. Customizing components to fit their brand style is easier than ever.

Zurb starter templates: Zurb offers starter templates to help users get started quickly. Using the Zurb Foundation CLI provides instant access to the same starter template used by Zurb for client websites, which comes complete with a custom static site generator to convert files to single HTML documents. Also included are handlebar templating, UnCSS, image compression, and UglifyJS for minimizing JS.

Navigation Patterns: Foundation 6 comes with a customizable and modular menu system that combines multiple components. It can be used on any project, hence faster developing.

Flexible SasS: Users are now able to create any grid they want for their content, thanks to customizable SasS mixins.

Foundation 6 Features

  • 50% code reduction
  • A11y Friendly
  • Responsive prototypes
  • Modular JavaScript utilities
  • Motion UI
  • Fewer base styles
  • The quick project starts with CLI
  • Building blocks and templates
  • Optional Flexbox grid
  • Customizable Sass Grid
  • Zurb Development Stack
  • Semantic markup
  • RTL
  • Rails-friendly

Foundation 6 Pricing

Foundation 6 is an open source project, meaning it doesn’t cost anything to use. Designers have complete access to the features.

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