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Backbone is a Javascript library for building web applications. Its design was inspired by RESTful JSON interface, a model-view-controller that is known for its lightness. It offers models with custom events, key-value binding, collections with enumerable functions and more. Backbone JS is hosted on Google’s GitHub, and resources like the annotated source code, list of tutorials, and an online suite are also available. Like most web development tools offered by Google, Backbone is open source and available under the MIT software license.

Backbone JS Benefits

Synching with backend:  Developers can easily tie Backbone JS models to the backend. This is made possible by excellent support for RESTful APIs in the models and well designed APIs. As such, users can access models in the backend for reading, write or delete operations.

Following conventions: These are a great way to introduce common coding styles without coming up with comprehensive coding standards set. This means more standardized and readable codes with less manual effort.

Event-driven communications: Backbone JS users can utilize event-driven communication between views and models. This allows for more nuanced control over the changes in the views.

Backbone router: This feature offers easier and more convenient methods of routing and connecting client-side pages to actions and events. It also handles transparent translation to URL fragment version if a browser doesn’t support History API.

Backbone is smaller: There are fewer kilobytes for mobile devices and browsers to download, as well as the minimal conceptual surface area.

Backbone Features

  • Backbone View
  • Backbone Model
  • Backbone Router
  • Backbone Collection
  • Client Side Templates
  • Backbone Sync
  • Events
  • Backbone Utility
  • View rendering

Backbone Pricing

  • Backbone is an open source framework, and offers complete access to features at zero cost.

Backbone's Alternative

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