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This is an inbound digital marketing suite that consists of four modules; lead nurturing and closing, visitor engagement, and conversion, website traffic management, and content management. The software bears the design of helping the business reach out to potential clients online by boosting online presence through effective and smart content marketing, engaging windows and landing pages, improved website traffic, and much more.

Consumers of today research about the services and products they want prior to searching for providers and sellers. With this software, you can increase visibility for these individuals. You will create content that can be optimized for SEO marketing like customer testimonials, brochures, and blog posts.

SalesPanda gives you effective keywords to make sure that your content is ready for SEO. You will build engagement windows and landing pages, as well as call to actions and forms that are engaging. After getting the leads, salespanda gives you the required tools to nurture and convert them into paying clients.

Benefits of salespanda

A marketers’ platform

This platform is a great marketers’ platform. The software has intuitive content editing tools that let you whip different content types easily, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface. Building marketing content is easy because you can create complex and attractive documents, landing pages, and more without prior experience and expertise in content design and coding.

SEO and blogging

SEO and blogging are essential cores for digital marketing and this software offers you with a lot of capabilities of SEO to give your websites and content an extra boost. Get the keywords you desire for the service and products and then embed them into the content to get higher ranks in the result pages of the search engine. This will result in more web traffic and leads to high quality.

Traffic conversion

Traffic is meaningless if it cannot be converted. With this software, you will not only increase your incoming web traffic but also get effective tools for conversion to turn visitors into loyal customers. The software allows you to create SEO-ready and attractive landing pages with the user-friendly editor or get your content to capture visitor info. Salespanda provides many lead nurturing tools that will assist you with the conversion.

Salespanda bears the design of being compatible with all mobile devices. It means that all websites, web forms, blogs, and landing pages get optimized for tablet and smartphone displays.

SalesPanda Features

Content Marketing, CMS and Content Showcase features

  • Content syndication
  • Co-branding
  • Content analytics
  • Content showcase on the site’s visitors
  • Create hashtags for content organization
  • Centralized content library
  • Create marketing collaterals with templates and editors
  • Content Syndication

SEO, Blogging, and Social sharing

  • Social syndication
  • Blog editor
  • Blog templates
  • Social media sharing
  • Social media integration
  • Keyword Suggestion

Email Marketing

  • Email co-branding
  • Campaign syndication
  • Campaign analytics
  • Email nurturing
  • Email personalization
  • Templates and editor for EDM
  • Email list building
  • Email Campaign design

SalesPanda Pricing

  • SalesPanda is software that provides an enterprising scheme to cater to the size of the company and scales as you grow. The pricing begins at USD 599 per month.

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  • Founded 2011
  • India

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