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Inboundio is a simple digital marketing tool that targets small businesses and individuals that want to organize their online marketing efforts and also design and marketing agencies that wish to provide easy to use reseller service/white label to their customers. Inbound is a simple promotion software that provides an easy way of accomplishing basic online marketing activities. Some of these activities Email marketing, CRM, Lead Generation. Landing Pages, and Social Media Posting. In fact, Inboundio is the simplest digital marketing platform globally.

Inboundio Benefits

Easy to Use and Effective: You can use this tool to create and manage your personal brilliant digital marketing campaigns. Inbound also gives users the right tools for generating new business leads. You will be able to close more prospects. All entrepreneurs will tell you that leads are good and sales are better. Inbound is a great tool because it supports your salespeople. Inboundio offers a secure and natural way of managing your prospects to generate more sales and leads.

Email Marketing: The solution is fully integrated with the Inboundio CRM, setting up, sending, and tracking beautiful marketing campaigns.  You will also be able to create lovely landing pages for marketing campaigns by simply dragging and dropping. There is no coding that is required for gurus. It’s also great for social media marketing by allowing you to post directly to LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook on a single social media interface. You will become a pro within no time. It enhances easy email marketing and you can drip your emails without wasting any time.

Security: Inbound is an easy and secure way of managing your prospects. You will also be able to capture leads from the Inboundio landing pages. With a single click, you will be able to add prospects to drip marketing. It is a no fuss CRM for small businesses.

Analytics and Reporting: Inboundio has beautiful designs that you will love sending. You can also plan the re-order campaigns in an easy manner. It has tasty templates for fast launching of campaigns. The solution allows you to hose your own domain. It’s a great tool for analytics and reporting. It provides an eagles eye view of all your marketing campaigns. It also provides excellent hosting and support.

Inboundio Features

Content Management Features

  • Search and filter
  • Prospecting tools
  • Lead management
  • Contact export/import

Marketing Automation Features

  • Social media metrics
  • Campaign management

Reputation Management Features

  • Social media metrics
  • Campaign management

Inboundio Pricing

Inboundio has three main payment plans which include lite, standard, and premium. You can choose one depending on your needs and budget. However, the standard platforms remain to be the most popular of the three. Here is a list of the features that you find under each plan.


  • $27 per month
  • 3000 monthly email quota
  • Hosting and support
  • One user
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Custom landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • CRM
  • Email marketing


  • $47 per month
  • 10,000 monthly email quota
  • 3 users
  • Support and hosting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Custom landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • CRM
  • Email marketing


  • $77 per month
  • 20,000 monthly email quota
  • 5 users
  • Hosting and support
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • CRM
  • Email marketing

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Product Details

Vendor Details

  • Inboundio
  • Founded 2013
  • Australia

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