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In the 28 years since it was created, Adobe has built Photoshop into the ultimate image editing tool. Professional photographers, designers, and artists use it to enhance pictures and transform them into beautiful art. While primarily designed for image editing, Photoshop is also used to design mobile apps, banners, posters, create web layouts. Photoshop offers capabilities required to ensure UI elements like icons, wireframes, mockups and graphics transition smoothly to production. Users can set up workspaces and art boards, use libraries, set breakpoints, create reusable UI elements, link smart objects, create navigation elements and so much more with Adobe Photoshop. The application offers advanced brushes and unique effects & patterns to help artists create custom masterpieces.

Adobe Photoshop Benefits

Intelligent stroke smoothing modes: Photoshop offers three stroke smoothing modes i.e. Stroke Catch Up, Pulled String and Catch-Up On Stroke End. Stroke Catch Up mode catches up the stroke to the current position of the cursor when artists paint and pause. The Pulled String mode enables users to change the direction of strokes while the Catch-Up On Stroke End mode draws a straight line from the last paint position to the point where stylus control was released.

Access to Lightroom photos: Adobe Lightroom is an image organizer and photo processor. Photoshop users can edit Lightroom photos, so long as the two are synced in the cloud. Edited files are sent back to the Lightroom Library.

Social sharing: Photoshop users can share their work and projects directly on social media platforms including Facebook, OneNote, Feedback Hub, Twitter, and Skype.

Custom font support: This software supports dozens of fonts. The OpenType font format supports custom attributes like optical size, width, weight, slant and more. The feature allows users to customize styles easily by utilizing inbuilt sliders.

Edit 360-degree content: Users can edit panoramic photographs directly in Photoshop. This is made possible by the 3D workspace, which also opens up the workflow to mediums like motion and interactive design.

Adobe Photoshop Features

  • Stroke smoothing
  • Better brush organization
  • Access to Lightroom Photos
  • Quick share
  • Improved support for high-resolution monitors
  • Decontaminate Colors
  • Integration with Microsoft Dial
  • Exclusive brushes from Kyle T. Webster
  • Variable fonts
  • Curvature pen tool
  • Custom path color and width
  • Group layer arranging
  • Enhanced tool tips
  • 360-degree panorama workflow
  • Depth map import from HEIF
  • Mask improvements
  • TouchBar support for MacBook Pro
  • In-app search
  • Integration with Adobe XD
  • Adobe Stock templates
  • Enhanced properties panel
  • Support for SVG OpenType fonts
  • Cloud Libraries capabilities
  • Creative Cloud Assets
  • TypeKit Marketplace
  • Content Aware Crop Facial Feature adjustment
  • 3D printing to Microsoft 3MF
…and so much more

Adobe Photoshop Pricing

Adobe Photoshop CC Single App ($20.99/Month)

  • The latest version of the selected app
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • Portfolio website
  • Social media tools
  • Premium fonts

Photography Plan ($9.99/Month)

  • Lightroom CC
  • 20GB cloud storage
  • Lightroom Classic CC
  • Photoshop CC

Students and Teachers ($19.99/Month)

  • Access to an entire collection of 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • Premium fonts
  • Social media tools
  • Portfolio website
  • Promotional pricing for the first year
  • Up to 10TB cloud storage available

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