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Founded in 2015 by Dylan Field, Figma is a design collaboration tool that ‘does for interface design what Google Docs did for text editing.’ It is a web-based software with features, user experience, and shortcuts that feel familiar to Sketch. It allows designers to collaborate and share work with colleagues. Users can produce, share and communicate in one place with Figma. Getting started is easy since all one needs to do is sign up for a free account.

Figma Benefits

Constraints: These are straightforward and allow creators to specify how objects correspond to changes in frame size. Rules can be set up within the constraints panel.

Real-time editing, commenting and sharing: Real-time collaboration with colleagues saves a lot of time and streamlines the creation process, which is exactly what Figma strives to achieve. It runs inside the browser, allowing users to edit and share files in real time with other designers.

Vector networks: This is an enhanced pen tool that enables designers to control different creation aspects like bending, fills, strokes and more.

Easy onboarding: Getting started with this software is easy. Users only need to sign up for a free account. Figma also offers two paid plans to cater to different needs.

Availability: Figma works in the browser and is compatible with most platforms including Tilda and Webflow. It doesn’t require additional installations or applications

Version control: Figma provides information about who edited a certain file and when. Users can also overwrite the changes, roll back to the previous version or create a layout copy.

Flexible principles of resizing: In Figma, resizing feels more intuitive. Users can bind descendants to the size of the parent in a single click.

Figma Features


  • Feedback on prototypes
  • Constantly sync feedback, changes, and updates
  • Move between design and prototyping

Editing tools

  • Vector networks
  • Precise Boolean operations, gradients and fills
  • 60 fps interactive editing
  • Pixel-perfect previews and exports


  • Layout Grids
  • Components and element reuse
  • Constraints
Update Soon.

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  • Founded 2012
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