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Inbound Now is a marketing automation application that runs inside the WordPress install. You can install it like any other WordPress extension with a free copy clicks and download. The program will monitor your site automatically and provide you with data on who is visiting your site and what is drawing most of the people to your site.

Inbound is an appropriate CRM if you are already using WordPress to power your site and you wish to keep everything under one roof. You will receive that data that you wish to enhance your site and convert your visitors into clients at the same time. Since you can get started with Inbound for free, there is nothing that you are going to lose by trying out.

Inbound Now Benefits

CRM: Inbound has a CRM section that will begin to collect leads from your site through your forms and landing pages. Once the system records the lead information of the user, it will watch the sections of your site that have seen and allow you to queue up all automated messages they will see to prompt that to lead or purchase them after they discover your offerings.

A/B Testing Tools: Inbound New also has A/B testing tools that will allow you to see what works best for your audience. You will make normal pages in WordPress or use the Inbound Now a designer in creating custom lead generation forms before making several iterations on the ones that you would like to test. You will get data on the best performing one and then set it as default.

Several Plugins: The market has several plugins that make Inbound Now great. Most of these plugins and templates will cost you between $20 to $40 and they will make you Inbound Now to display more notifications, connect with more apps, and have customizable CTA buttons and landing pages.  You can also make as many subscriptions as possible using the paid plan. If you wish to be sending automated marketing emails or perform other automated marketing tasks, the professional or higher marketing plan will unlock the additional features for your site.

Custom Landing Page Templates: With Inbound New has custom landing page templates that have a tried and true design for better conversion. There is everything from countdown pages till you are able to launch a brand new product to the mobile-centric pages to gather your leads. If you wish to go further, you may decide to extend inbound Now by yourself using similar development tools in WordPress.

Inbound Now Features

  • Sending marketing campaigns and much more with plugins
  • A/B testing everything on the site
  • Track the performance of your page and create leads from your visitors
  • Create a call to action pages in WordPress
  • Full-featured CRM and lead tracking in WordPress

Inbound Now Pricing

  • Free open-source version for lead management, call to action buttons, and landing pages
  • Individual templates and add-ons ranging from $19 each
  • $10 per month starter pricing plan for pro features and unlimited templates for one site
  • $20 per month professional pricing plan for starter features, and email integration and plus market automation for one site
  • $40 per month business pricing plan for professional plan features for five sites
  • $80 per month agency pricing plan for professional plan features and unlimited sites

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