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WordStream is a suite of online advertising and marketing tools that help the business cover Keyword management and research for SEO and PPC campaigns. Unlike services of free online marketing, WordStream provides premium capabilities that include integration with leading products in the industry like Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Boasting of a gathering of blended info from different sources, WordStream helps the business perform PPC management of campaigns and keyword research, and execute viable strategies of SEO.

Benefits of WordStream

With the online marketing suite of WordStream, online advertising is easier than ever. Businesses that utilize it enjoy benefits below;

Optimize expenditure on paid searches and turn online leads to paying, loyal customers.

Evaluate the performance of Google AdWords account and then get recommendations to get better results.

Get the best help for operations of managing the account and search marketing campaigns.

The purpose of WordStream is to make the search easy. With this toolset, you can optimize, manage, create, and measure high performing campaigns in twenty minutes each week. The do-it-yourself option empowers small and medium businesses in the management of the accounts efficiently and effectively. It allows agencies to streamline approaches to management of accounts, giving them bandwidth to take on their clients.

Problems WordStream Solves

A lot of companies struggles with the paid search since they do not have enough time to dedicate to strategizing, analyzing, and implementing changes in the accounts.

It streamlines the process with a twenty minute work week. It analyzes performance and provides suggested actions. Implementing and reviewing these recommendations requires twenty minutes each week.

Driving calls through paid search is a priority for over fifty percent of advertisers, but many of them do not have a way of tracking the calls back to ads triggering them.

This app provides call tracking solutions at the keyword level in terms of call record, call duration, keyword, and match type for each phone call per paid search.

Paid search is overwhelming and complex for individuals that are not versed in the industry. Majority advertisers are not familiar with the best practices that lead to wasted spend and poor conversion rates.

The PPC smart tools and twenty-minute week take guesswork from PPC by providing recommendations that are geared towards better results and cost savings. Additionally, customers have access to more training resources and assist the vendor’s success team that comprises of BingAds and AdWords certified professionals.

WordStream Features

  • SEO basics
  • Keyword discovery
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Keyword niche finder
  • Keyword generator
  • Free keyword tool
  • Tracking software
  • Bing Ads ToolCall
  • AdWord Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Landing Page Tool
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Notes
  • Leads summary
  • Easy tracking
  • Smart Ads
  • Bing search advertising
  • Instagram and Facebook advertising
  • 20MWW alerts
  • Reporting
  • Keyword Research for PPC
  • Querystream
  • Performance dashboard
  • Keyword Research Tool

WordStream Pricing

There are three methods of payment and they differ according to the duration of the mode. They are;

Annual pre-pay

  • This package charges USD 2928 per year but you can pay USD 244 per month


  • This package involves paying a subscription of USD 264 per month and it is paid monthly


  • This package has a cost-benefit of USD 299 per month.

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  • WordStream
  • Founded 2008
  • United States
  • https://www.wordstream.com/

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