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Each second, there are over two million searches carried out on Google, and many search results pages will include Google ads. Google ads, paid for by businesses, can be an effective way of driving qualified, relevant traffic to your website when people are searching for different types of services and products for the business. In this write-up, you will learn about Google ads, the way they work, and reasons for running your Google ads.

What are they?

Google offers ads that appear in search results with the help of Google adverts or AdWords appearing on the site through Google’s AdSense program and the Display network.

Benefits of Google Ads

They display your ads according to keywords

Google provides display ads that appear on Google Display Network. This network has a collection of third party, outside websites partnering with Google and has an agreement of serving Google Ads. The ads on the display network can be in video, text, rich media, and image format, and can get targeted in a different manner. This includes banner and remarketing ads.

If you are using AdSense, your ads will display in particular areas on a site.

Get your ad

Be seen by customers each moment they search you for what they provide and pay when they call or visit your site.

Attract more customers

Whether you want to bring in a novel site visitor, get your phone ringing, grow sales online, or keep customers returning, Google ads has a solution for you.

Advertise globally or locally

You can target your ads to clients in particular cities, regions, or countries or within a particular distance from the shop or business.

Reach the right client at the right time

The business will get found by individuals when searching for the items you provide.

Why do Google Ads appear?

The auction of Google AdWords has its focus around keywords so that advertisers choose target keywords according to relevance to their business and words people are utilizing to search their product. They place bids on these words and make payments basing on the amount they are willing to pay. Combined with the quality score from Google according to the ad quality, the bid determines the ads to appear on SERP. The advertiser will pay a particular cost when the user clicks the ad.

Google Ads Features

  • Different payment methods
  • Real-time results
  • Stop or start when you like
  • Flexible pricing
  • See the performance of your ads
  • Put ads to test
  • Stay in control of the budget

Google Ads Pricing

  • You will only pay for the acquired results. It is free to sign up. You pay after somebody clicks the ad to visit the site or to give you a call. You pay when your ad is working.
You set your budget, therefore, the cost will be dependent on what you want to accomplish with the campaign. You can invest hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. The costs of ads vary according to your industry and competitiveness of keywords, quality of advertising campaigns, and your geographic location. On average in the US, the average cost is USD 2.32 per click.

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