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Like most influencer marketing platforms, Klear was not initially meant for influencer marketing. It was designed by Guy, Noam and Eytan Avigdor under the name Twtrland in 2012. It was an analytics solution that provided Twitter insights. The software quickly made a name for itself as an effective tool for helping with social media marketing strategies. Twtrland provided incredibly detailed data including users’ posting habits, follower demographics, popularity and more. The increased number of Twtrland users soon attracted brands who wanted to learn more about their target audiences and leverage influencer marketing. By 2015, Twtrland had expanded to include Facebook and Instagram. This prompted the rebranding to what we now know as Klear.

Klear uses sophisticated algorithms to divide influencers into 60,000+ categories and provide detailed audience analytic data. The solution also provides campaign management and tracking capabilities. It is one of the most popular business intelligence tools and makes it easy to identify and reach out to social media influencers.

Klear Benefits

Free: While Klear does offer paid packages, it also provides free features. These are quite handy for those who are just getting started. They allow users to find influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Marketers can also identify influential bloggers in their niche.

Influencer database: Klear supports all major social media platforms, so you are guaranteed a massive influencer database. You can sort influencers and filter out anyone with fake followers, inactive accounts or bots. Moreover, Klear has offered worldwide coverage for all skills and categories.

Advanced filters: You don’t have to worry about manually scrolling through thousands of influencers to find who best works for your business. Klear offers advanced filters to help quickly sort through influencers and focus on those who are relevant to your brand. You can choose influencer level, audience location, engagement levels, specify audience demographics and more

Influencer analysis: The Klear Influencer Profile is a feature that offers insights about social media users to help you determine if they are ideal for your campaigns. It offers up to 5-years worth of historical data for influencers across all social platforms. You also get access to their audience demographics and information about their closest online friends/followers. Simply put, it’s the perfect way to identify like-minded influencers.

Influencer relationship management: Klear Influencer CRM is specially designed for influencer marketing. It allows marketers to build, manage and measure their influencer programs. You can manage communications in one place, and track outreach campaigns with user-friendly tools.

Performance and ROI: Users can measure the performance of their outreach campaigns and quantify ROI. Klear provides detailed analytics reports with key metrics, influencer impact and user-generated content produced by influencers.

Klear Features

  • Influencer search engine
  • Advanced filters
  • Klear People Rank algorithm
  • Klear Influencer Profile
  • Klear Influencer CRM
  • Performance reports
  • Influencer ROI
  • Analytics
  • Content spotting
  • Demo Monitors
Free tools – Find Instagram influencers, Find Twitter influencers, Twitter analysis and Facebook Analysis

Klear Pricing


  • Demo monitors
  • Limited social profiles
  • Limited influencer searches

Basic ($249/Month)

  • 50 social profiles per month
  • Basic quota
  • 5 monitors
  • Basic influencer search
  • PDF reports
  • 50 influencers in list

Advanced (Quote available on request)

  • 50+ monitors
  • Unlimited social profiles
  • Advanced influencer search
  • Workspace
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 20,000+ social profiles
  • Multiple users

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