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InVision is a design to develop software that offers built-in features that help users create functional prototypes and collaborate with colleagues. Teams use the platform to create, review, manage, refine and test prototypes. People also utilize InVision for business models, designs and mobile devices. All of the above is achieved without manually typing lines of code.

Invision allows users to import images, designs, and sketches from various sources, and transform them into interactive projects that can be implemented on any device. They can accomplish using either the drag and drop functionality or integrations with third-party tools like Google Drive and Dropbox. InVision also offers handy tools for user testing, collaboration, workflow, and feedback.

InVision Benefits

Real-time collaboration: The Live Share feature allows users to collaborate with colleagues in real time. It uses an in-browser screen share and each collaborator gets a mouse. As such, everyone can point and see what the other members of the team are talking about. Also included is a VOIP chat, which works in-browser.

Great feedback features: InVision allows users to leave feedback inside the design, which may be discussed or turned into tasks. This makes it easier to find what you need to work on and check the ones turned into tasks once they’ve been done.

Free plan: The free plan offered by InVision is perfect for those working on one project. While limited, the plan allows users to test the platform’s features for, however, they like before paying for more robust plans.

Designs presentation in a way that mimics actual browser experience: Users of InVision can upload designs and view them in a way that resembles real web browsing experiencing.

Fast and easy prototype building: The drag and drop functionality offered by InVision makes it easy to build prototypes from scratch.

InVision Features

  • FreehandDraw, Write, Sketch, Comment
  • Boards
  • StudioDesign, prototype, built-in animator, vector drawing tool, adaptive layout, interactive design, shared design libraries, synced workflow
  • Duplicate
  • Craft manager
  • User testing and research
  • Design system manager
  • Integrations: Basecamp, Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub, HipChat, Trello, JIRA, Slack, Box, Slack

InVision Pricing

Free Plan

  • 1 prototype

Starter ($15/Month)

  • 15 prototypes

Professional ($25/Month)

  • Unlimited prototypes

Team ($99/Month)

  • Unlimited prototypes
  • Up to 5 members

Enterprise (By quote)

  • Unlimited prototypes
  • Advanced features

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  • InVision
  • Founded 2011
  • United States

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