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Having a great set of tools to test websites is important for web developers and Google offers Chrome Developer Tools to meet this need. It is a collection of tools designed for authoring and debugging websites. They are built directly into Google Chrome, allowing developers to make edits instantly and identify problems. Ultimately, these tools help build better websites faster. Otherwise known as DevTools, Chrome Developer Tools provide a closer look at the workings of web apps and browsers. Users can easily identify the styles used, scripts used, image sizes, analyze memory problems, simulate mobile devices, view and change CSS, save changes to disk and more.

Chrome Dveloper Tools Benefits

Easy access to tools: There are three different ways to access Chrome Developer Tools i.e. in the Chrome Browser, right-clicking on an element on any webpage and choosing Inspect Element, as well as hitting ctrl + shift + i on Windows or cmnd + opt + i on Mac.

Rapid debugging: Chrome Developer Tools come with a built-in code that directs users to errors within their code. Users can right click on the error link to view a line of problematic code.

User-friendly: Chrome Developer Tools are designed for both beginners and professionals. They are easy to navigate, and those with limited web development experience won’t have a hard time.

Instant style changes: Web designers don’t need a text editor to make quick style changes with Chrome Developer Tools. They can simply inspect specific elements and determine what kind of changes need to be made. Modifications are made on the fly, and so is viewing updates in real time within the browser.

Test responsive designs: Because Chrome Developer Tools mimic mobile devices, users can experience the mobile device journey remotely. They can choose a device to mimic from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the phone icon.

Page speed performance: Page speeds have a huge impact on user experience and SEO ranking, hence the importance of this measurement. Chrome Developer Tools offer a visual representation of load times and identify pain points.

Chrome Developer Tools Features

Device Mode

  • Test responsive and device specific viewports
  • Emulate sensors (geolocation and accelerometer)

Elements Panel

  • View and change CSS
  • Inspect and Tweak pages
  • Edit styles
  • Edit DOM
  • Inspect animations

Console Panel

  • Console API reference
  • Interact from command line

Sources panel

  • Debug JavaScript
  • Breakpoints
  • Workspaces
  • Run snippets of code
  • JavaScript debugging reference
  • Local overrides

Network Panel

  • View and debug network activity
  • Network debugging reference

Performance Panel

  • Optimize website speed
  • Analyze runtime performance
  • Performance analysis reference
  • Diagnose forced synchronous layouts

Memory Panel

Application Panel

  • Debug progressive web apps
  • Inspect and manage storage, databases, and caches
  • Inspect resources
  • Inspect cookies
Security Panel

Chrome Developer Tools Pricing

  • Chrome DevTools are free.

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