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CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a web design software that boasts intuitive features like layout maker, responsive form themes, SEO, email newsletters and campaigns just to name a few. It offers handy tag references, live previews, and code completion. Features are updated regularly to optimize user experience. The software provides a smooth workflow and makes it easy to add structured data. Web developers can preview and highlight the code, as well as add components to different pages. They can create CSS and HTML files from scratch or edit a pre-loaded theme. Files can be opened from a web server or locally from a computer.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor Benefits

Code completion: Coffee Cup completes CSS and HTML code automatically, minimizing errors and unclosed tags. The feature also serves up selectors from the CSS file referenced by the user.

Professional themes: The software comes with ten built-in professional themes to get you started. They can be previewed in the Theme Chooser before applying them to web pages.

Validation tool: This allows users to check all code types for validity.

Publish everywhere: An inbuilt FTP engine publishes websites to the user’s place of choice. All you have to do is pick a web host and add corresponding FTP settings. You also have the choice of using your own server. Users can go FTP-free if they sync with Coffee Cup’s hosting platform.

Cross-browser capability: CoffeeCup HTML Editor allows users to add up to 10 browsers and access them from inside the tool. Users have to format certain characters as HTML entities for proper rendering, and the Characters tab inserts the entities.

Website Projects: This feature keeps websites organized by eliminating incorrectly referenced images and broken links.

Coffee Cup HTML Editor Features

  • Drag and drop builder
  • 30+ industry-specific templates
  • Social media integration
  • Free stock images
  • HTML 5 and CSS3S support
  • Integration with payment providers
  • Lifetime updates
  • Hosting
  • Components library
  • Website projects
  • Code completion
  • Validation tool
  • Tag reference
  • Visual code selector & live preview

CoffeeCup HTML Editor Pricing

  • Coffee Cup offers a single enterprise pricing package that costs $29, and a free trial.

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  • Founded 1996
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