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CodePen is an online community where developers showcase and test CSS, HTML and JavaScript code snippets. While designed as an online code editor, CodePen also functions as an open source learning environment. It was developed in 2012 by Tim Sabat, Alex Varez and Chris Coyier, and has grown to become one of the largest communities for web developers and designers. It has more than 33000 users and receives 16.9 million visitors each month.

At its heart, CodePen allows users to write code in the browser and view visual results in real time. There is a huge focus on frontend languages including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Developers use the platform to prototype new ideas, test apps for bugs, evaluate potential hires, send things to clients for evaluation and find inspiration. Some use it as a portfolio to showcase their work.

CodePen Benefits

Flavors of frontend languages: CodePen supports multiple flavors of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. For CSS, it supports SCSS, SaSS, Stylus, and Less. HTML options include Slim, Jade, HAML and Markdown. Under the JavaScript menu, one can opt for LiveScript, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, and jQuery.

Different pen views: There are eight different pen views, each with its own advantages. These include editor pen, details view, full-page view, and debug view.

Emmet and vim building: CodePen utilizes toolkits like Emmet and Vim Key Bindings to ensure smoother and faster development. Emmet keeps projects moving while Vim allows for command line keyboard shortcuts.

Blogging: While a relatively new feature, Blogging allows users to write code in the same way as on a regular blog. They can use Markdown and add custom CSS to posts.

Community and support: This is by far what sets apart CodePen from other web development platforms. People can provide constructive criticism, share ideas, and learn together. There is always room for improvement, and the CodePen community ensures continued learning.

Templates: This feature allows CodePen users to create templates and avoid the hassle or starting projects from scratch every time. It is a huge time saver, especially for individuals who work on similar projects regularly.

CodePen Features

  • Public and private pens
  • Templates
  • Collaboration mode
  • Professor mode
  • Embed themes with custom CSS
  • Asset hosting
  • Live view
  • Debug view

CodePen Pricing

Free ($0 Forever)

  • Unlimited public pens, posts, and collections
  • Unlimited templates
  • 1 embed theme
  • 1 project with 10 files
  • Debug view

Annual Starter ($8/Month)

  • All Free features plus;
  • No login pen debug view
  • Live view
  • Pro badge
  • Unlimited embed themes with custom CSS
  • Higher standing in popularity algorithm
  • Feature a pen in the profile header
  • 10 projects with 50 files per project
  • 1 deployed project
  • 2 person collaboration mode
  • 10 person professor mode
  • Asset hosting with 1GB storage

Annual Developer ($12/Month)

  • All Annual Starter features plus;
  • Use your own domain for projects
  • 25 projects with 150 files per project
  • 5 deployed projects
  • 6 person collaboration mode
  • 35 person professor mode
  • Asset hosting with 5GB storage

Annual Super ($26/Month)

  • All Annual Developer features plus;
  • 50 projects with 300 files per project
  • 20 deployed projects
  • 10 person collaboration mode
  • 100 person professor mode
  • Asset hosting with 10GB storage

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