Why and Where to Check Plagiarism in Content for Google Ranking

Why and Where to Check Plagiarism in Content for Google Ranking

Plagiarized content does not only effects your reputation, trust relationship with an audience rather it has a huge effect on your Google ranking. This will lead to decreasing web traffic and lower sales. You won’t be able to achieve the growth goals of your business. So, you should make sure before publishing your content online that it’s plagiarism-free.

What is Plagiarized Content?

Someone has worked so hard to make a great piece of writing and then got it published online. Oh, where is the plagiarism in there? Plagiarism comes when you copy that amazing written article and pass it on as your hard work. When you don’t cite a source or author’s reference and just try to make people believe that this particular article is your art. This all has been known as plagiarized content.

Plagiarism can be directly copy/paste, making just little changes and keeping the rest, or some people also take paraphrased content as plagiarized. There can be many reasons for doing so:

  • Maybe you are running out of time. Or,
  • You don’t have enough knowledge of a certain topic.
  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of creativeness
  • Don’t have a grip on writing skills. And so on…

Be it any of the above, plagiarism is not an answer. In no situation, you can defend copying someone else’s work. Try to manage your work in a given time, if you are not well aware of the topic and don’t have expertise hire an expert.

How Google’s Ranking is Affected by Plagiarism in Content?

Google is in search of new and quality content to serve people. Google crawl and indexes the content you published recently to check if it has value and should Google refer it to its users. How often does Google index your website or content depends on the popularity of the site? It also depends on how often you publish things over. If you upload an article much often Google will be indexing your site sooner.

Once Google is done with indexing your site it will compare it to other content available online to see if it’s copied or not. And if your piece of writing appears to be plagiarized, Google will take it to the lower positions of the ranking. SERPs will have your site at the bottom of the last page of searches. Whenever people will be searching for a specific topic Google will recommend the ones with good, valuable, and unique content, not ones with plagiarized material.

Low rank at SERPs means low visitors and low web traffic. Which means low sales and no growth of the business.

Where You Can Check Plagiarism in Your Content?

There are many verificatory de plagio available online for your service. They work with accuracy. Some just show you the percentage of the content that is copied and underline them. Whereas some also pop up the sources beside to make you aware where that certain content has been taken from.

Some plagiarism checkers are free and some are paid.

One of the best plagiarism checkers is by Prepostseo.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker:

Prepostseo’s free plagiarism checker is one of the finest tools to check plagiarism. It provides you the correct results without any inaccuracy. It is a user-friendly tool and doesn’t require great skillfulness to get your output.

The steps needed to use it are below:

  1. Go to the browser
  2. Type Prepostseo plagiarism checker, there will appear a search page with a PPS plagiarism checker on the top. Click on it
  3. After that, you will see an input box, copy/paste or you can also upload a file from the given options of upload from PC, Google Drive, or Cloud.
  4. You can select the language.
  5. And then just click the button “Check Plagiarism”.

The result will be like shown in the above picture. It will show you the percentages of plagiarized as well as unique content and also give you the links to sources. The above-mentioned picture result shows that 100% of the content is copied and 0% is unique. This means this is not appropriate to upload online or if you do so Google will kick you out as you will be least on the ranking list.

Pltext Plagiarism Checker

Pltext tool is also considerable. You can also get accurate plagiarism reports by using their tool. The best part of this tool is that it’s ad-free.

They provide a clean layout. That’s the way they provide the best user experience when it comes to using.

This tool offers deep search and color grading feedback for free. And this tool also applies AI modules to check for plagiarism.

After checking the plagiarism in content, they described complete details in the scan report in an easy way. It can be handy for the students too.

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