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Wideo is an animated web-based marketing video creation tools for Digital Agencies, Marketing Professionals, and SMSBs. This platform allows you to use templates in producing videos your videos in an easy and quick manner. Users can add their own audio and images, or even develop a custom video from scratch and animate it within a few clicks. Videos can allow you to increase your social media engagement, hook your target audience, and boost the CTRs. Users are able to keep the cost down while maintaining a full creative control as they use Wideo to design professional and animated marketing videos.

Wideo Benefits

Simple but Comprehensive: Wideo allows you to get started quickly and develop beautiful video animations within a short period with the use of ready-made video templates. Some of the most popular template categories include promotional videos, tutorials, product presentation, e-commerce, and business. The tool is trusted and widely used by big corporations to achieve excellent results for their video marketing efforts. The software will allow you to create, edit, and share videos at no cost. Wideo also has paid or premium plans for any person who is looking for more features and greater functionality.

Wide Range of Applications: This tool can help you in creating almost all types of videos such as animated narratives, product demos, school projects, company presentations, tutorials, and a lot more. The first step is to sign up before you can choose your preferred ready-made template and begin to create your video from scratch. The paid plans offer longer videos, full HD downloads, and unbranded videos. Wideo allows users to apply effects to multiple objects, change the speed of the animation, add scene transitions, remove/copy keyframes, and preview scenes or videos.

Addition of Elements: Wideo makes it easy to add templates because you can search for objects, upload audio, add library vector objects, buttons, and images, and change backgrounds. Some of the tools that you can use to manage your elements include replacement of images in the template, spell check, swapping/copying with animations, and template text editing. Embedding features and video sharing include sharing of interactive links and YouTube export. Most of the advanced features in Wideo are offered in premium subscriptions plus priority downloads, premium support, higher download resolution, and monetarization rights.

Wideo Features

Presentation Features

  • Video
  • Templates
  • Content library
  • Audio
  • Animation

Video editing features

  • Text overlay
  • Support HD resolution
  • Merge/split
  • Social sharing
  • Media library

Other Features of Wideo

  • YouTube sharing
  • Video reuse
  • Folder management
  • Video auto-play loop
  • Video embedding
  • Scene templates
  • Spell check
  • Image, audio and button upload
  • Objective searching
  • Video and scene preview
  • Key-frame removal/copying
  • Effects to multiple objects
  • Animation and speed control
  • Scene transition
  • Drag-and-drop elements
  • Over 80 ready-made-templates

Wideo Pricing

Wideo has three main pricing plans namely basic, pro, and enterprise. You can choose the best package depending on your budget and unique needs.


  • $19 per month billed annually or $59 per month
  • One-minute videos
  • 20 video templates


  • $29 per month billed annually or $99 per month
  • Ten-minute videos
  • 80 video templates


  • $79 per month billed annually or $199 per month
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited video templates
  • Unlimited video length

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