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After over twelve redevelopment months, the cloud edition of SpeedPPC came to life. The next generation solution brought excitement, bleary eyes, joy, and cake. This new development continued over and over again to increase functionality and features.

Cloud Benefits for SpeedPPC

The obvious difference is that this app is cloud-based as opposed to the previous standalone application. There are a few benefits that come with the cloud option. The first one is that you can utilize it from many computers the way you like without paying for additional licenses. While you get two licenses for the V4 purchase, if you desire going crazy, you can purchase other licenses. With this app, you can hope as much as you desire. The account you have does not hold on one computer.

This leads to another benefit of having heads in the cloud. You will access all data instantly as long as you are accessing SpeedPPC. You will export campaign data on the thumb drive to have it accessible on several machines. You just log in and all things will be there.

The other benefit is the particular boon to operators of the team. You can share campaigns with the campaign sharing code. Since it is on the cloud, there is no need of packing things up and emailing it, it happens in one instance.

Slicker, Faster, Easier

Down to nitty-gritty, the leading thing you will notice after getting into SpeedPPC is that all things have been streamlined, freshened up, and made to seem more intuitive.

For example, there is a dashboard screen when you load the software that has crucial data about the front and center of your campaign for you to access campaigns, your ads, and keyword lists.

You can easily find the sites ranking well for keywords organically and the ones you are bidding on. This is a great method of spotting sites that are relevant and will deliver results for the placement of content.

Nested Tokens

Having the ability to produce ads that are super-targeted has been a very big benefit for SpeedPPC. Small bits for the background are quite familiar. To get a feel that is hand-crafted, you can use your brand for dynamic keyword insertion. Depending on the way you have set your campaign up, you can use different tokens in the ad copy, which PeedPPC swaps with appropriate values when building your campaign.

This application gives you the relevancy you want with so much flexibility than the in-built DKI given by the search engine. You can put the token in the ad copy and then specify the fallback value manually if the resultant text is very long for the available space.

SpeedPPC Features

  • Creating Ads
  • Creating landing pages
  • Ad grouping
  • Regular monthly training
  • Comprehensive user guides and numerous training videos
  • Expansion keyword lists for the search term list
  • Affiliate data feed for creating dynamic landing pages and campaigns

SpeedPPC Pricing

  • There are two pricing plans for this application. The features offered include
  • Three users per account
  • All features of the application are included
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited campaigns


  • When you choose this plan, you pay USD 69.3 per month


  • When you go for this plan, you will pay USD 699.3 annually.

Agency plan

  • There is an agency plan and the charges are per your needs

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