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The SocialOomp solution was designed by a Canadian firm that operates as part of the famous 3827992 Canada Inc. division. This App was introduced in the market on April 2008. It was previously referred to as TweetLater.com and concentrates on Twitter social media solutions. This tool expended its application in August 2009 to cover other social media platforms. The App was renamed as SocialOomph to be able to support this expansive strategy. Currently, this App is ideal for any user who wants to increase his or her followers and visibility on various social media platforms.

SocialOomph Benefits

Plethora of Advanced Features: This helps the tool to manage a broad range of tasks across various social media platforms. The App can manage several activities on Twitter, Facebook, App.net, Plurk, LinkedIn, and even blog activity.

Additional Features: These tools allow the user to improve the follower lists in Twitter through recommendations and the analytical process. Users can automate direct messages that are going to new followers and also vet new ones. You can also do a keyword set up to search for high influencing people on Twitter.

Automated Facebook Features: This App provides image uploads and updates schedule. The LinkedIn capability allows the user to schedule shares. App.net and Plurk tools enable scheduled profile updates. You can use this App to write blogs and publish them on various blog platforms. As a user, you can set up automated social media network updates and blog posts from the RSS feed.

Social Oomph Features

Social Media Marketing Features

  • Posts scheduling
  • Blog posts scheduling
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Automated update removal
  • Status and scheduling update
  • Auto RSS feeds
  • Keyword filtering
  • Shares scheduling
  • Keyword tracking
  • URL shortener
  • Conversion tracking
  • Blog post creation
  • Auto-DM and Follow-back
  • Content management

Social Oomph Pricing

SocialOomp has three enterprise pricing plans that comprise of free, professional, and Twitter unlimited. Keenly analyze each of them and make an informed purchase decision.


  • Drafts
  • Keyword tracking
  • Tweet scheduling
  • URL shortener
  • Private tweets interests’ channels
  • Pre-defined channels (Twitter)
  • 5 twitter accounts (maximum)
  • DM inbox and Twitter purging
  • Mentions/Re-Tweets monitoring


  • Begins from 17.79 per a half a month
  • Latest enhancements
  • Follower check-ups
  • Bulk Tweet uploads
  • Drip-feed social accounts
  • Recurring/pause recurring updates
  • Self-destruct updates (time limit)
  • Private Tweet interest’s channels
  • Pre-defined channels (Twitter)
  • 5 Twitter accounts (maximum)
  • Twitter purging and DM inbox
  • Re-Tweets monitoring/mentions
  • LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook functionality
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts
  • URL shortener
  • Drafts
  • Keyword tracking
  • Tweet scheduling

Twitter Unlimited

  • 977 dollars per a half a month
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Professionals get additional Twitter update scheduling

Social Oomph's Alternative



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