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SimilarWeb is a BI solution that is well known for its web measurement and competitive online intelligence. The tool uses the biggest international online panel to provide website analytics tools that allow users to view statistics for their websites. This, in turn, enables users to view website traffic together with traffic acquisition strategies for different sites simultaneously. This tool will help you to keep an eye on your tracking opportunities, business health, and make smart business decisions.

The insights from this tool help analysts, publishers, marketers, and companies to review their performance against that of their competitors. SimilarWeb allows you to compare web traffic and find new ways of boosting your traffic. The tool is a quoted-price system and every customer will get a price that is tailored to his or her financial capacity. There is also a free plan platform that is provided for startups.

SimilarWeb Benefits

Broad Applications: SimilarWeb is developed for companies of any type and size. Any company that has a website and wants to expand its reach can use this tool. The tool can also help huge companies in their merger or acquisition activities and marketing expansion efforts. Practical examples of firms that are using this tool include, eBay, Eventbrite, Outbrain, PayPal, and Taboola.

In-depth Data Insights: This tool can help you to access in-depth insights on how your website traffic is performing with respect to your competitors and mobile Apps. This tool allows users to analyze any website or industry. You will be able to receive analytics data for your particular website. Some of the metrics include visit duration, bounce rate, page views, and monthly visits. You will also get the geographical traffic details and interests of your audience. You can also customize the reports to meet the unique needs of your industry or business. You will not find this ability in most website traffic checkers.

Similar Web Features

  • Visual graphs and charts for KPIs
  • Website data: referrals, geography, keywords, and visits among others
  • In-depth competitor analysis of keywords
  • Engagement metrics: Popular pages, time on site, bounce rate
  • PPC versus organic keyword performance comparison
  • View traffic share according to the device; desktop or mobile traffic
  • See traffic share depending on the channel (display, direct, search, etc.)
  • Competitor website traffic analysis
  • Reveal competitor networks and display ads
  • Industry analysis tools that include traffic and keywords sources
  • Google analytics ‘not set’ and ‘not provided’ keywords
  • See landing pages, subdomains, and conversion funnel pages
  • Keyword search too for both PPC and Organic
  • Mobile app popular keywords
  • Side by side web comparison for up to five websites
  • Mobile app industry keywords
  • Mobile app market ranking by county and category
  • Mobile app traffic sources
  • Data from the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Social media traffic and email reports

Similar Web Pricing

SimilarWeb has three basic plans which include free, premium and custom. One of them is free while the other two are prices. You can get enterprise pricing by quote and hence you need to contact the vendor directly to get the offer details. Here is what you will get in each package.


  • 3 months for Mobile App Analysis Data
  • 3 months for Traffic Data
  • 5 results for every Website Metric

Premium: By Quote

  • Web popular pages
  • 245 industry categories
  • API Access
  • Mobile Web Traffic and Engagement
  • 18 Months for Mobile App Data
  • 18 Months for Traffic Data
  • 500 results foe every Website Metric

Custom: by Quote

  • Filter data by country
  • Unlimited results for every Website Metric
  • Website popular pages
  • SimilarWeb reports
  • Up to 24 months for Mobile App Data
  • Up to 37 months for traffic data
  • 24 industry categories
  • Mobile Web Traffic and Engagement
  • Mobile App Engagement
  • API Access

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