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Sendloop is a beginner friendly email marketing service, particularly for small businesses. The services range from email marketing team, email newsletter, enterprise-level features to personalized support service of migration to the current service provider.

It takes pride in its rich features and has a number of them that come in handy for a marketing team while at the same time it doesn’t compromise its ease of use. A fully featured HTML editor makes it easy for customizing emails to a specific audience. Its drag and drop editor will too easy to ensure that you achieve a high conversion rate.

This is among the best email marketing software and with approachable service fees. Sendloop services facilitate enterprise marketing without requiring much expertise assistance. Modern marketing automation tools are majorly employed and they are well known on email based support.

Sendloop Benefits 

Create and send emails easily

Regardless of the size of your email message, Sendloop has made it easy. From there 100+ email templates, you can pick one for free and drop your content.

Migrate faster

Again despite the number of your subscribers, Sendloop makes it easy for you to move your contacts from the previous marketing strategy.

Increasing opening email rates

With the one-click email booster, you can increase your open email rates with Sendloop.

Smooth integration

Easy integration with third-party software and adoption of all the essential documentation and contacts

Sendloop Features 

Email Marketing features

For Agencies:

  • Sendloop Studio
  • Multi-client platform
  • Accountability
  • Powerful segmentation


  • Native Integrations
  • Simple Migrations
  • Flexible API

Marketing Automation Features

For Partners:

  • Sitecraft
  • Mailbakery
  • EmailMonks
  • Personaclick
  • TemplateMonster

For developers:

  • Full Featured API
  • Monetize Your Apps
  • Market to Thousands
  • Test Drive Your Apps

Sendloop Pricing

For frequent senders

  • $9/month
  • 500 subscribers
  • Unlimited email deliveries

For occasional senders

  • $10/thousand email sent
  • Purchase credits and use anytime

1000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • $14.00/month

2000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  •  $19.00/month to
  • 350,000 subscribers
  • Send unlimited emails
  •  $1,645.00/month

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  • Sendloop
  • Founded 2008
  • United States

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