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Heap provides an exclusive approach to web analytics by capturing all their interactions and analyzing the interactions without having to wait for data or ship code. The platform is easy to use and install. After installing the code in your website, you can monitor the set of events of all clients automatically like form submissions, gestures, page views, and clicks.

The system comes with powerful features that comprise of event visualizer, data capture, funnels, user search, and interactions. Heap makes it easy for enterprises to identify the in-depth of their users and also monitor custom events. All the reports that are generated from Heap base on real time data and hence your reports are timely and accurate.

HeapAnalytics Benefits

No Coding Complication: The innovative approach of this tool takes web analytics to a new level by capturing all the user interactions. You can capture each form submission, page view, gesture, tap, and click that are submitted by users. The beauty of it is that you will get all this information without dealing with codes. Heap will let you get all this info without having to deal with codes.

Greater User insights: After capturing all user interactions, it puts you in a good position to get a better knowledge of your users and understand them in-depth. Heap allows you to assign persistent custom features across sessions. Also, you can integrate both mobile and web sessions and tie all of them to one user. You can also assess users based on their payment plans, total revenue, age, and email address.

Allows for Modifications: In some cases, events may not get captured automatically by Heap. If this is the case, you could make modifications and also generate custom events with a particular number or properties. You can also drill down on these events thoroughly to get the information that you want.

Real-Time Insights: You need up to date, reliable, and accurate information for precise and fast analytics. Heap will give you real-time insights in a quick way without compromising on the accuracy of your data.

HeapAnalytics Features

  • SQL
  • Funnels
  • Graphs
  • Users
  • Event visualizer
  • Data capture

HeapAnalytics Pricing

HeapAnalytics employs a customized pricing scheme and has two subscription options. Form real-time sites, prices vary from $0 to $500 per month. The primary difference between the various plans is the number of activities or sessions that are allocated per month, customer support level, and data retention period. Here is a brief overview of these two packages.


  • Free
  • 5000 activities/sessions per month with 50,000 free if there is an inclusion of Heap badges on the website of the user.
  • Maximum of three months of customer retention
  • Email customer support

Premium (Infrastructure – Custom Enterprise Pricing)

  • All analysis features
  • Custom terms
  • Invoice billing
  • Service level agreements
  • Custom data retention
  • Single sign-on
  • Heap SQL
  • On-site support
  • Millions pf sessions per month
  • Begins from $500 per month
  • Unlimited activities/sessions
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Dedicated science data consultant and on-site customer support
Both plans come with the Basic functionalities of Heap analytics including SQL technology, funnels, graphs and reporting, and visitor analysis.

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