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DeeepCrawl is a search engine marketing solution that regularly checks websites for issues and assets to fix. It ensures that websites remain relevant in a constantly evolving online world. It employs technically sound website culture, allowing users to optimize their sites for organic rankings.

The platform is updated constantly to ensure it adheres to the latest SEO practices. Customers keep up to date with these trends through webinars, newsletters and the knowledge center. It offers a great task manager that makes it easy to create tasks and prioritize issues with the biggest impact.

DeepCrawl Benefits

Crawls before the site is live: CrawlSite allows users to run a crawl through their site before it goes live and runs a report that highlights identified errors. This is particularly crucial when it comes to identifying site errors and anywhere one may lose traffic once it goes live.

Technical audits: DeepCrawl makes it possible for companies to monitor their websites. This allows identify areas of concern and improve or repair them promptly. Automated audits on a regular basis allow websites to monitor performance.

SEO and UX improvement: Users can use DeepCrawl to identify potential SEO problems in website pages that could pose a threat to search engine visibility and ranking. In many cases, improved SEO means better user experience.

Identify indexation: DeepCrawl reports provide details on the number of URLs that have been crawled. Users also get data on the no-followed pages, canonicalized pages and more.

Migration control: DeepCrawl provides data comparison between staging and live websites. Information on the differences between the two makes it easy for administrators to close the gap and avoid loss of traffic during website migration.

DeepCrawl Features

  • Website health monitoring
  • Analytics and crawl data pairing
  • Historical data review
  • Duplicates detection
  • Trends and issues identification
  • Content monitoring dashboard
  • Server response errors pinpointing
  • Page breakdown
  • Page indexation issues monitoring
  • Penguin penalty recovery
  • Regular crawl scheduling
  • Backlinks auditing
  • History statistics
  • Backlinks benchmarking
  • Trend graphs
  • UX improvement
  • Website migration assistance
  • Broken pages elimination
  • Stage vs. live website comparison
  • Site crawling via modified URLs
  • Bots traversal
  • User traversal
  • Page flagging
  • Impact testing of parameter removal
  • Location tagging
  • Panda penalty recovery
  • Competitor backlinks analysis
  • Detailed gap analysis
  • Orphaned pages identification

DeepCrawl Pricing

Starter ($89/month)

  • 100,000 URLs
  • 5 projects monitoring
  • Email support and knowledge base
  • In-app guides
  • Javascript rendering
  • API access
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Majestic backlinks

Basic ($139/month)

  • 200,000 URLs
  • 8 projects monitoring
  • Email support and knowledge base
  • In-app guides
  • Javascript rendering
  • API access
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Majestic backlinks

Corporate (Bespoke price)

  • Bespoke URLs
  • 1000+ projects monitoring
  • Custom professional services
  • Custom onboarding
  • Bespoke Javascript rendering
  • API access
  • Splunk log analyzer
  • io
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Majestic backlinks
  • Adobe analytics

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