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Buffer is a streamlined, intuitive platform for managing social media that is trusted by agencies, businesses, individuals, and brands to assist you to drive results and engagements that are meaningful on social media. Users of the buffer can manage diverse profiles on social media, schedule and plan posts in advance, collaborate different members of the team, and analyze the performance of social media.

Buffer is continuously introducing useful, new features like Instagram direct scheduling, suggested media, and much more. Native Android and iOS apps give the users flexibility to schedule content while on the move. Other crucial features are the RSS feed and social media calendar, the plus video and GIF uploader, social analytics, and the Pablo image creator.

With the buffer, it is possible to manage all your social accounts from one location instead of going to different places for your networks. You can also schedule all social accounts at once and buffer will automatically publish them according to your schedule. You can also use the analytics it provides to see the performance of social media, understand ways of improving results and create reports for your clients and manager.

It is possible to add up to twenty-five members to your account and give them different levels of access for posting and approval. While browsing the web while traveling, it is easy to content the queue with mobile apps and browser extensions. When you choose to use this application, there is no room for regrets since you will have access to the tools of choice for your application. You will get the right package for your business or individual requirement.

Buffer Features

Buffer has so many features that will help you grow your business. The common features it provides are;
  • Suggested media
  • Calendar view
  • Browser extensions
  • Suggested media
  • Tailored posts
  • Instagram direct scheduling
  • Instagram grid review
  • Adjustable time zones
  • Time scheduling
  • Queue scheduling
  • Context inbox
  • Post analytics
  • Twitter influencer analytics
  • Overview analytics

Buffer Pricing

Buffer has different pricing plans and each plan is tailored to match your individual plans.

Individual – Free

  • Three social accounts
  • Ten scheduled posts per social account
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Browser extension
  • GIF and video uploader
  • Pablo image creator


This package costs $ 10 each month and offers the following features;
  • All individual features
  • One hundred scheduled posts per social account
  • Ten social accounts in total
  • RSS feed
  • Social analytics
  • Lick tracking and shortening
  • Calendar


This package costs $ 99 per month. It offers the following features;
  • Allows for five additional members
  • Twenty-five social accounts
  • Two thousand scheduled posts per account
  • Advanced social analytics, plus:
  • All features of awesome


This package costs one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and features all other features. The other features are;
  • Additional ten members
  • Fifty social accounts
  • Two thousand scheduled posts per account


This package charges three hundred and ninety-nine dollars per month. Alongside all other features, it has the following additional ones.
  • Additional twenty-five team members
  • One hundred and fifty social accounts
  • Two thousand schedules posts per account

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