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In case you are an advertiser that is looking for an easy to use, affordable, and, not to forget, the feature-rich online alternative for online advertising, one of better choices you can pick is this app. Manufactured by Microsoft, the online platform of advertising offers a great alternative to AdWords by Google because of its affordability. Also, it happens to a user-friendly platform immediately from the beginning while offering a set of tools that allow you, for instance, import advert campaigns or choose to work offline. The better think is that thanks to this partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft, this platform for adverts allows you to promote advertising on search engines like Yahoo and Bing. If you want to learn a lot, you should do yourself a favor and keep reading this article.

Bing Ads Benefits

It is very affordable: How much does it take advertisers like you to begin taking advantage of the offerings of Bing? The best thing about this platform of online advertising is that they can choose how little or even how much to spend. To be precise, you will have to decide on the amount to bid for the keywords and if the ad is eligible and is chosen to show up in the results of the search engine, you will get charged once the advert is clicked. Also, you are free to choose either to make immediate payment of pay later.

It is very user-friendly as an ad platform: The other thing advertisers of all experience and caliber will love about Ads of Bing is that it is among the most user-friendly platform for ads in the whole industry. For this reason, the user interface is laid out and very easy to understand and navigate. You will not have issues utilizing this platform thanks to this option. In case you do it, however, Bing Ads provides the impressively exhaustive collection of assistance videos and documentation that will get you running within no time.

Import campaigns easily: Whether you are taking advantage of the multiple platforms od ads or are jumping ship for maximum profits, one of great things that Bing Ads do is to provide you with an efficient, quick, and more importantly, a tool that is easy to use to let you import your campaign from the Adwords.

Ability to work offline: Running your campaigns has never been an easy job even for whichever reason; you will somehow become disconnected from the internet. The reason behind this is that Bing Ads gives you the chance to work offline while making it very easy to sync and changes to the online account. You will not have to be worried about not managing and running the campaign because of issues of intermittent connections since Bing Ads has you covered.

Bing Ads Features

  • Call extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Location targeting
  • App extensions
  • Bing shopping campaigns
  • Product Ads

Bing Ads Pricing

  • The pricing varies and there is no direct information stating about the charges of using this application. You need to sign up, choose the features you want and then get a quotation for your task.

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