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AeroLeads is regarded as one of the most powerful and robust prospecting and lead generation tool. Being a user-friendly platform, it one of the most sought-after web-based prospecting and lead generation software well-known for its attractive interface coupled with features that are easy to navigate.

AeroLeads enables you get the leads that you require promptly. It doesn’t require a lot. What is required is to carry out a search as that you definitely could do on search engines. From there you then identify the source then simply isolate the data needed according to the selected source. In fact, the whole process is simple and fast and doesn’t consume a lot of your time, an aspect that allows you to generate prospects fast while streamlining your marketing processes which ensures that sales are generated to facilitate business growth.

AeroLeads Benefits

Google Chrome Extension

This is arguably one of the biggest benefits of AeroLeads. With Google Chrome extension, your sales and marketing team can look up and subsequently capture contact information based in real time from reliable sources.

Quicker Way of Generating Sales

Enabling their sales and marketing teams to undertake “search contact” in a process that’s similar to that of a search engine.


If anything, Aero Leads is one of the simplest platforms to use while being of getting the expected results without too much hassle on your end.

AeroLeads Features

Lead generation features

  • Tagging
  • Prospect and Lead Generation
  • Phone Number Search
  • Export Prospect Details to CRM
  • Company profiling
  • Email search
  • Individual Profiling
  • Team Collaboration

AeroLeads Pricing

Take Off (pay $49/monthly)

  • 1 User
  • Searches for Email, company names, URL, Full names, Title of clients
  • Derive prospects from Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Google, Angellist,or any possible site
  • 4 layer email verification for verification
  • Importing and exporting data in and from CSV
  • Access data through REST API
  • Record addition of up to 500

Climb (Pay $149 monthly)

  • All features of theTake off plan
  • Records addition of up to 1500
  • Access data through REST API
  • 5 Users

Cruise (Pay $499 monthly)

  • All features of the climb plan
  • Unlimited Users
  • Records addition of up to 5000

Enterprise (payment varies by agreed quote)

  • Features of this plan vary on the customer’s request.

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  • AeroLeads
  • Founded 2015
  • India

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