11 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Next Live Gig

11 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Next Live Gig

We all know how big Instagram is, so this makes the platform one of the best avenues for promoting your next live gig. Gigs are fun and exciting, but before we get here, promoting them is a must.

If you’re new to marketing your gigs on Instagram, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we made this list to guide you during promotions.

Here Are Eleven Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Next Live Gig

Instagram Marketing Tips

Here are 11 marketing tips for your next live gig:

1. Know Your Audience

Instagram has a lot of users, so you have to filter them out to find a target audience. Who are your listeners and what are their age demographic? Knowing who your followers are makes marketing easier since you know how to design your posts in ways that appeal to them.

2. Start Early with Promotions

Spreading promotions take time, so you have to give yourself more of it. Start early so that you’ll have a leeway. A month before your gig is a good start. You don’t want your attendees to be frantic right before your gig just because you posted details late, which would lead us to the third tip in this list.

3. Be Clear with the Ticketing Costs

Be clear with the ticketing costs. During promotions, apart from posting early, you also have to include how much the tickets are so that your viewers will have time to save up for your gig. Also, don’t exclude any hidden charges, and if you have sales discounts, promote that thoroughly too.

4. Have a Set Date and Time for the Event

You also have to decide on a set date, time, and place for your event. Since you’re going to have a gig, your viewers must know the exact location and time so that they won’t come late. If you can, add steps on how to get to the location when needed.

5. Advertise Your Event Online

Apart from traditional marketing, advertising your gig online too. Go on all social media accounts that you have and promote your gig there. For Instagram, you can post live music content, create stories, and showcase Instagram reels of your behind-the-scenes and practice sessions to tease your audience a bit. This is one of the best ways to hype your followers organically.

5. Promote Your Past Gigs

Since your gig is still upcoming, some casual viewers may wonder what your music is all about. They won’t have any idea what your sound is, so give them a taste of your past songs. Share videos and photos of your previous gigs to entice them further and make them even more interested in you.

6. Invoke Curiosity in the Public

You are not the only one who’s going to promote your live gigs. There are other artists out there who you’re going to compete with. So, you have to be creative with your marketing strategy. Show all the needed information and details about your show, but don’t put everything out there. You still have to invoke curiosity in them. Get them intrigued by making them look forward to your next posts.

7. Make People Feel They’re Missing Out

Make people think about what they’re missing out on if they don’t watch you live. A lot of us have a fear of missing out, so use this to your benefit. Include statements that invoke urgency such as “only 10 more tickets left” or something along the lines of “best live gig band of the month.” Craft your content by using software tools online – an example is PosterMyWall, a platform where you can customize just about anything easily.

8. Engage with Your Audience

People love to engage with their favorite artists. It’s one way of showing who you are and what your personality is. Don’t be stiff during promotions. Instead, be personable. Share your live gig details like you’re telling them to your family and friends. The warmth will attract and give viewers more reasons to go out and watch your show.

9. Tag Other Musicians Too

If you’re not going solo, tag other musicians too. This is a collaborative effort, and the success of the show is also dependent on how the musicians have teamwork during promotions. Do trends, make collab videos, and engage with the audience with them to make the event even more hyped up and fun.

10. Collaborate with Influencers

If you’re able to, collaborating with influencers, both local and online, is one of the most effective ways to attract even more audiences. Tap into their community and have a chance to become even more visible. They’re not influencers for nothing, so take this as an opportunity to get known to a wider reach.

These are 11 of the simplest yet most effective ways to promote your upcoming live gig on Instagram. Apart from this amazing platform, advertise on other social media sites as well. Good luck!

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