Everything You Need To Know About Residential Proxies by Digital Experts

Everything You Need To Know About Residential Proxies by Digital Experts

Residential proxies are third-party platforms that help you get anonymous, yet natural and authentic IPs. This means that as a business, you can browse the internet, engage in high value scraping without the fear of being blocked or identified.

In addition to individuals who want to keep their identity hidden for a variety of reasons, businesses are finding residential proxies very beneficial. In this article, we will briefly look at what are residential proxies and why are they becoming so popular in recent times.

We will also look at some of their advantages. Lastly, we will look at some areas to take into consideration before going for a residential proxy service provider.

Residential Proxies: Meaning and Definition

A very simple understanding of Residential Proxies can be that of an intermediary, which helps you access the internet by hiding your IP address. Every time you log on to the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can pinpoint the location you are using the net from.

This can allow the ISO to store crucial information regarding your browsing history, search patterns, and other relevant data. However, many of us do not feel confident about our information being stored and used. This is where a residential proxy can come in handy.

Many experts have tried to define a middleman trying to connect you to your local network and large networks. Many businesses that use residential proxies do it to function in different geographical locations without the fear of getting geo-locked by the government.

Why do individuals need to use a Residential Proxy?

Before we answer this question, I want to ask all the readers some questions of my own-

  • Do you use Torrent or other P2P downloading networks?
  • Are you someone who uses the same password on multiple machines?
  • Do you also use different accounts on one single laptop/desktop?
  • Have you tried scraping data from hotel and flight booking sites?
  • Do you want to view content online, which is blocked in your country?

If your answer to any one of the above-mentioned questions is yes, then you definitely need a residential proxy! Even though the above exchange is self-explanatory in nature, I will try to elaborate the same.

The internet is supposed to be a free and secure space. However, information is really restricted and controlled by data providers, governments, and big brands. This means that no matter what you do, someone is always watching.

They use information, data, and other relevant material to build buyer personalities, manipulate masses, or sell it crassly to third party vendors. While all of us want to enjoy the full freedom of the internet, we do not want to divulge any of our information online.

Advantages of using a Residential Proxy

According to leading digital solutions firm, Infatica.io, the following can be some of the major advantages of using residential proxies-

1. The Block Rate is extremely low-

Have you ever come across the search engine captcha page- ‘we have noticed an unusually high number of requests from this IP.’Search engines tend to understand if you are doing something, which does not fit into their quality guidelines. The only way to overcome this and not get blocked by websites is to use a residential proxy.

2. Extensive geographic locations-

Credible and industry-leading providers like Infatica operate millions of IPs in different countries. This means that you are never going to experience any issue when browsing the internet and consuming content from different geographical locations. It also means that in terms of target scraping, you have many advantages.

3. Mimicking human behaviour-

In terms of businesses, you will always have a higher success rate, as your bots are always going to mimic actual human behaviour. This opens up a number of possibilities for your business when it comes to data scraping. You can also be rest assured that consumers will always think of you as a local business at all times.


If you have decided to go for a residential proxy, you need to consider the service quality and the costs. This should not be too expensive when it comes to the best providers. Likewise, you also need to pay attention to the number of proxies they have in every country. The more there are, the better will it be for you. Lastly, it is also necessary to focus on the kind of support they are offering.

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