CustomCat Review: Quality, Features, Alternatives

CustomCat Review: Quality, Features, Alternatives

CustomCat is a POD company that has 300 different and unique products to provide. To start your deal with CustomCat, the first thing is to upload the designs and select products you want to apply. 

Get this connected to your store and start selling as you have never sold before. It does everything from printing to shipping the product your customer asked for. 

In this article, we will talk about CustomCat review, quality, features, and alternatives.

What Is CustomCat?

What Is CustomCat

CustomCat is known as a digital printing company that is situated in Detroit. The printing technology used there has no minimum order numbers. There is no third party included in the shipping process, to help you in an efficient way they do the shipping too. 

They also offer discounts on shipping if you have their 30 dollars monthly pricing plan. For integration they offer Shopify and Woocommerce, another way is to use their API that costs no monthly charge.  

Features Of CustomCat


CustomCat is very simple to use, you will find a mockup generator, a design tool used for making things easier to deal with. If you need a graphic designer, hire one from a freelance platform.

You can personalize things in CustomCat, you have that option there. Customers love customizing their products. 

Remember you won’t get this feature from all POD platforms, therefore it can become a deciding factor for you.

Products You Can Make With CustomCat/Review 

Here is the list of products you can make using CustomCat. All these products are now really high in demand. Let’s check them out. 

  1. Polo shirts.
  2. T-shirts.
  3. Sweatshirts.
  4. Hoodie.
  5. Athletic apparel.
  6. Tank tops.
  7. Pants.
  8. Hats.
  9. Facemasks. 
  10. Blankets.
  11. Footwear.
  12. Wall art.
  13. Mugs. 
  14. Accessories. 

Printing Technologies of CustomCat

CustomCat has a variety of printing technologies. They will use the option according to the product you have selected

DTG (direct to garment)

DTG is an inkjet printing method that uses ink directly on fabrics. Due to the high-quality ink, the image sticks permanently and withstand washing. Don’t worry about the image getting faded.


This printing method uses paper and heat to create the finished product. The paper with the design on it is placed on the product, heating it up and transferring the design to the product. 

That’s how the process is. It can be on clothing too, but drinkware is preferred most. 

Digital Printing

This is a pixel-to-pixel printing system. Dtg can be considered as a type of digital printing.


This is all about needles and thread. The image chosen by the customer is embroidered into the cloth. For better quality printing, the embroidery file is digitized.

Pricing of CustomCat

Pricing of CustomCat

CustomCat has two pricing plans:

  1. Free plan for beginners.
  2. Paid plan after beginner stage.

CustomCat has looked into the matter and reduced the price of all products to help you earn more. Try the 30-day trial of CustomCat, after selling 15 units per month there will be a subscription plan that will pay for itself. 

Quality Of CustomCat 

Quality Of CustomCat 

The quality that it provides is very good and you will be satisfied. There are similar products. From the quality of the product to the quality designs is quite impressive, throughout. Exceptions can be there but the change of product policy is very much active.  

Alternatives Of CustomCat

Alternatives Of CustomCat

If you still feel a bit empty with it, then take a look at these alternative options.


Printful is almost the same as CustomCat. There is only one major difference, printful doesn’t ask for monthly fees like it. 

But if you want you can upgrade printful pro. It provides a lot of products but printful does that more and with variations as well. 


Printify offers a lot of products, nearly over 200, similar to CustomCat’s. They do not ask for monthly payments. 

The products are priced properly less expensive than printful if compared. 

You will get the same mockup generator tool through which you will get a demo of the product after applying the design. 


Gooten is a POD app similar to all of the above. It provides a wide range of products. if there is any drawback, then it is the signup option that you have to do to contact the sales team. 

No option for signing up by yourself, therefore users sometimes don’t show much interest in Gooten. To sell woven rugs and glass cutting boards, Gooten is a good option to try. 

CustomCat- Pros and Cons

CustomCat- Pros and Cons

After getting the basic idea, pricings and features of it it will be better if we look at the advantages and disadvantages of it. Let’s check out the pros first, then we will head to the cons. 


  1. Affordable pricing.
  2. More than 500 products.
  3. Excellent customer support.
  4. High-quality printing technologies.
  5. Ways of printing and embroidery. 
  6. Dumping order and sending it to the system through CSV, is available. 


  1. There are some features missing.
  2. It takes time to ship.


We understand that knowing about new things comes with a lot of doubts and queries, so, here we are answering some of the common questions here for a better understanding about it. 

Q1: What Does CustomCat Do?

CustomCat is a fulfillment app for Shopify. It delivers clothing items to the customers with any third party involved. The most trusted POD platform is CustomCat in the industry 


Q2: Is CustomCat Free?

They have no subscription fees linked to the app for WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, CSV, or API clients. Shopify users are asked for 30 dollars a month. 

However, it offers a 14 day trial to everyone for the first time and also a free plan called CustomCat Lite. 

Q3: Are Printful And Printify The Same?

No, they are not the same company. They create their own eCommerce store. Remember one thing while you run an eCommerce business, it is more than just selling the products.

Q4: Does Printify Charge For Shipping?

On the page, it is not mentioned, but it will vary on the provider’s location and delivery address. 

Customer Support 

On CustomCat you will find fewer options for customer support. 

They Are allowed to fill in their contact details and send emails with questions regarding the order. 

There is a blog page by it that resolves any issues. 

It does not have a live chat option or telephone support. 

The Bottom Line

CustomCat lets you have affordable prints on demand. It is quite easy and simple to use. When being compared with other print demand platforms, It comes first, always. 

They are very transparent while talking about their features, quality, and prints. So, if you are waiting to start a POD, do yourself a favor and create an account in it today.

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