20 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Know In 2022 [Updated]

20 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Know In 2022 [Updated]

Technology has come a very long way. We can take the help of it to make our lives easier and better. Not only has it made it possible to live our lives smoothly, but it has also helped us to ensure that we can maintain the quality of our work.

One of the major reasons for me to say this is because, in this article, I will be discussing the best plagiarism checkers, a gift of technology that has made it possible for writers to create unique content.

Best Free Plagiarism Checker Of 2022: Top 20 Edition!

Are you looking for some of the best plagiarism checkers that are available on the internet? Then you have reached the right place. In this article, I have jotted down the names of some of the top free plagiarism checkers on the internet.

Keep reading the article till the end to know more…

1. Grammarly


The first on the list is Grammarly. There is absolutely no one who does not know about Grammarly. It is one of the best grammar and plagiarism checker tools on the internet.

It lets you not only polish your composition with the best suggestions but also helps you to check for plagiarism. You can ensure that your article is authentic and unique as you get rid of plagiarism, if any is present.

2. Quetext


Next on the list is the Quetext plagiarism checker. It is one of the most widely used plagiarism checking tools that students, as well as people related to marketing use.

It can definitely be called one of the major plagiarism-checking tools in the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because it is very fast to provide the user with accurate results.

3. WhiteSmoke


One of the best free plagiarism checkers tools for people who are into writing content is WhiteSmoke. Like most other plagiarism checkers, it helps the users to check for plagiarism as well as correct the writing style.

The application also works on a freemium model. This means that while you have to pay for most of the high-quality features of the software, there are many features that you can use for free.

4. Plagium


You must have heard the name “Plagium Plagiarism Checker” if you are content marketing. It is one of the most used plagiarism checkers that are free to use. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is extremely easy to use.

All you need to do is copy the paragraph that you want to check for plagiarism and then paste it into the text box of the platform. And Voila! You are all set to check the authenticity and uniqueness of your content.

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5. PrePostSEO


The PrepostSEO or PrePostSEO plagiarism checker is considered to be one of the most used and user-friendly plagiarism checking software that is available on the internet. It helps the users to ensure that they are able to optimize the content for the Search Engine.

In other words, if you want to use a plagiarism checker that will help you rank high on the Search Engine Result Page of the target audience, then you need to use PrepostSEO. It helps you build backlinks, acts as an article spinner, as well as a grammar-checking tool.

6. Duplichecker


Another plagiarism checker tool that helps you to manage the SEO of your website and your content is Duplichecker. It is a great platform if you are trying to ensure that your content ranks on the Search Engine Result Page of the target audience.

The only thing that makes it lesser than other plagiarism checkers is the word limitation. You can only check up to 1000 words using Duplichecker. However, considering the fact that it is mostly a free plag checking tool, it is a great deal for most of the users.

7. Plagtracker


Another great plagiarism check tool that you can use to ensure that you are producing great quality, unique content is Plagtracker. It claims to give you accurate results when it comes to checking for plagiarism. And to a point, it does the work.

This free plagiarism checker is great when it comes to students as well as content marketing. Because of its simple usability, it has become very famous recently.

8. Dustball


Created in the year 2002, The Plagiarism Checker, which is more famously known as Dustball, is a great copy checker when it comes to beginners.

Like most other plagiarism checkers that you can find online, this one is also one of the best editing tools that work on both free as well as premium models. So if you are looking for a user-friendly plag checker, then this is the one for you.

9. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X

If you are looking for an accurate plagiarism checker that is accurate, then Plagiarism Checker X is the one that you should go with. It is extremely accurate as the site helps you compare your composition with more than a million other websites.

It helps the writers save a lot of time with the help of a mind blowing set of tools that it uses to check for the authenticity of the work. While there are many checkers that can show fake results, the results that Plagiarism Checker X provides to users are more than 92% accurate.

10. ProWritingAid


If you’re looking for a plagiarism checker that also lets you edit your composition while maintaining a particular style, you need to try ProWritingAid. It is definitely one of the best in the market.

One of the best things about this site is that it helps the users by highlighting the mistakes with several colors when it comes to grammar and plagiarism. In addition, the software is based on a freemium model. This means that there are many features of this tool that you can use for free.

11. BibMe


While many of us may not have heard the name of the plagiarism checker BibMe, it is yet another star performer when it comes to checking for plag. It does not matter if you are using the tool for academic purposes or for marketing. It gives you results that are as accurate as possible.

You can simply paste the part of the composition that you want to check for plagiarism in the text box of the software and then click to check for the authenticity of the article. It is that simple and quick!

12. Copyleaks


Were you searching for the “best free plagiarism checker” on the internet? Well, your search cannot be complete without Copyleaks plagiarism software. All you need to do is paste the portion of the document you want to check for plagiarism on the text box of the software.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it can check across millions of databases and websites, providing you with accurate results as quickly as possible.

13. Plagscan


If you are thinking about a free plagiarism checker that can find the source for you, here is a great option that is easily affordable.

Plagscan is one of the best plagiarism checking tools that helps you to find the source of the article that your article might have matched with while checking for plagiarism.

This is a great way of making sure that you know exactly how much of your composition is unique and what percentage of the essay is taken from already published content.

14. Copyscape


Is there anyone who has not heard about the plagiarism checker called Copyscape? I do not think so. Known to be one of the best plagiarism checkers worldwide, it helps you to find results that are 98% accurate.

The tool has a freemium model. This means that, like most other plagiarism checkers, this one also is a mix of free and premium. While you have to pay a certain amount to check the source of the plagiarized constant, you can still check for plagiarism while availing of the free version.

15. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector

Want a plagiarism detector that can also act as an article spinner? I have you covered! It is time for you to check out Plagiarism Detector. But when it comes to detecting plags, which is the main task of this tool, you will get accurate results.

There are billions of databases that the software goes through in order to check for plagiarism. This means that you can rest assured that the software is going to check your article thoroughly. In turn, you will be able to ensure that your composition is authentic to the very core!

16. SmallSEOTools


The SmallSEOTools is a great plagiarism checker for beginners. However, if you are a student and want to check for plagiarism in your composition, you might as well check out this software.

However, let me tell you something— this software is not merely for beginners. As the name suggests, it is great for ensuring that your content is SEO optimized.

This will further help you to get a higher rank in the SERP of the target audience. So if you are into content marketing, make sure to get your hands on this one.

17. Scribbr


A plagiarism checker that is proven to provide the users with accurate results? Try out Scribbr, and thank me later!

As of 2022, it is one of the least expensive, along with its free version, as well as the most accurate software that detects plagiarism. In addition, the smooth and user-friendly interface of the software ensures that the users can easily access each and every tool that the platform provides.

18. Plagiarisma


Whether you are into content marketing or whether you are a teacher or a student, just wanting to ensure that the content that is in front of you is authentic, you can try this one.

While there are a lot of people who question the accuracy of the platform, one thing is for sure— this software is great for beginner purposes. It does the basic job, and that too marvelously!

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19. Unicheck


One of the simplest plagiarism checkers that you find on the internet is Unicheck. And a great thing about this software is that it is safe to use. With SSL encryption, the software ensures that you are able to secure all the data that you put on the platform.

And do you know the best part about this software? It is absolutely free for everyone. So you can use it for academic as well as your content writing and marketing purposes.

20. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

The Search Engine Reports plagiarism checker claims to be a 100% accurate software that helps users create unique and authentic content which is free of plagiarism.

There are several features of this tool that help you reach your desired goal when it comes to writing great content. One of them is the duplication checker that scans the entire composition while comparing it with numerous web pages on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have learned about the best plagiarism checkers that are free, you may want to look into some questions that the users frequently ask. Here they are…

Q1. 1. What Is The Best Plagiarism Checker?

You can use many plagiarism checkers for free, premium, and freemium versions. The best ones are:
1. Grammarly
2. Quetext
3. SmallSEOTools

Q2. What Is The Best Plagiarism Checker For Business And Marketing?

If you are into business and marketing and have been looking for the best plagiarism checker for the purpose, you should try Grammarly for business.
It not only helps you to ensure quality content free of plagiarism but also makes it possible for you to maintain the quality of the writing throughout the content.

Q3. What Is The Cheapest Plagiarism Checker?

In case you are looking for some free or some of the cheapest plagiarism checkers, then here is the list for you:
1. Quetext
2. Duplichecker
3. Plagium

Wrapping It Up!

If you are in the field of writing, be it for academic purposes or for marketing, there is one thing that you must keep in mind. And that is to ensure that you can create content or compositions that are unique and free of plagiarism.

If this is something that you are struggling with, then it is best you take the help of technology and use some of the best plagiarism checkers that are free to use.

In case you were looking for them, I hope that you found this article to be of help. Also, if there are any other questions or confusion related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below. 

Till then, stay happy and keep writing!

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